Nintendo to cut price of deluxe Wii U by $50 Sept. 20 ahead of Xbox One-PS4 launches

With Sony's PlayStation 4 launching in the US on November 15th and Microsoft's Xbox One coming out sometime that same month in the US, it was perhaps inevitable that Nintendo would lower the price of its current game console, the Wii U, in order to compete with this heavy competition.

Today, Nintendo announced that the deluxe version of the Wii U will get a $50 price cut to $299.99 starting on September 20th in the US. This version of the console has a black color, contains 32 GB of storage, the free game Nintendoland, a console stand, a Wii U GamePad tracking bar and an offer to sign up to the Premium Nintendo Network. Nintendo will also release a limited edition version of the Deluxe Wii U that same day that will include the free game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, along with other extras, for the same price.

When the Wii U originally launched in November 2012, Nintendo also sold a basic version of the console, which was white in color, had just 8 GB of storage and no free game. There's no word on if Nintendo has decision to discontinue the basic version. So far, sales of the Wii U have fallen well below Nintendo's expectations; in the second quarter of 2013, the company only shipped 160,000 Wii U units worldwide.

Nintendo also announced today it will launch the Nintendo 2DS portable game console on October 12th. This version of the 3DS can play all of the games made for that system but only with a 2D screen. It will be priced at $129.99 and come in red and blue colors.

Source: Nintendo | Image via Nintendo

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Donkey Kong, Mario 3d world and Wind Waker to be released this year.
Just had the excellent Pikmin 3 and almost as excellent wonderful 101 released.
The incredible Rayman legends just released today (multiplatform but Wii U being the definate version for various reasons).
Im pretty happy with my Wii U.

Once the heavy-hitters start releasing (Super Smash, Mario Kart, the ones you mentioned, etc), then the system will start selling really well. I have faith that Nintendo will do very well with this console just like they (almost) always do.

The problem with your console Nintendo:

-It's a glorified tablet and a console, using dated hardware.
-Where are the great games?
-You're selling me and old SNES game 7$. Really?
-Where are the third parties?

Nintendo, you should look at Sega and do the same. You're clearly not able anymore to build interesting and capable consoles (except for the portable market, and still smarphones are eating your market share). On the other hand, you have great franchises... We wanna play Metroid or Mario or Zelda or Pokemon on capable consoles. I wanna play these games on my Xbox One or PS4... not on your crappy console. Concentrate on what you do best Nintendo: Games.

If Nintendo went third party (it's more likely that a meteor will kill us all in the next 20 years considering their handheld dominance and reserves of money), it would only hurt the game industry. Nintendo brought it out of the dark ages. Nintendo is the visionary, in a sense, where other consoles stagnant. Would Kinect have left R&D if it were not for Nintendo's success? I doubt it. And that would be a shame, considering how awesome Kinect is, for games and nongames alike.

$50 honestly isn't enough, that's an insult to the consumer. If they tried to market it against the Xbox One they would have a better chance due to the $200 price difference.

However you can't ignore that PS4 being only $100 more and once people look at the games and the features you get with the PS4 it would be very hard for Nintendo to sell their console to the non-Nintendo hardcore fan.

Also even at $300 if the Xbox 360 and PS3 drop to $200 each they would still be better deals than the Wii U. I want Nintendo to do well because 3 strong companies in the industry is good for all of us, but they made a serious mistake not beefing up the specs of the Wii U. Even if they Wii U only had 6 gigs of ram, 60 gig hard driver (user replaceable), and a slight slower processor than the Xbox One and PS4, it would at least have been comparable enough for them to still compete as far as 3rd parties are concerned for the next few years.

They way the Wii U is selling now, it's depressing to see. It's just a countdown IMO until Nintendo finally realizes that it's DOA and limps along until the next transition or come out with something that exceeds the other two after they launch.

I did wonder why Nintendo were quiet

When's the release date and what's the spec like? The wii was fun so this should be worth a look

:edit: oops, I read the article and it seems it's already out. Must be a US only release as here in the UK i've not seen or heard of it.

Nintendo should abandon consoles and sell into the computer market. Have you ever played Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword via the PC (wii dolphin) with HD settings on a DLP? It's a party and a half I tells ya!!! Don't forget the IZ3D, or whatever's left of it... -_-

Nintendo can drop the price of the Wii-U to $99.00 and it will get clobbered when the X1 and PS4 are released. Nintendo went on the cheap when making/designing the Wii-U and thus paying for it.

Yes it does all the Wii does just in HD with an additional tablet controller. I've always supported Nintendo but they have gone stale creatively and only can play so much Mario. $299 is a better price but without games it won't sell much better.

I paid a premium for something that has little worthwhile games . I have 4 physical Wii U games: Nintendoland, NSMBU, Lego City: Undercover, and Zombie U; there's not much worth it otherwise, for me (ports don't count considering I already own them on other platforms, for the most part). I anxiously await WW and the new 3D Mario in the near-future, at least...

I guess I should've expected this from the 3DS (early adopter there, too, but at least they did the ambassador program!). The 3DS is chugging along at full speed now, though, so I have some faith Nintendo can do the same with the Wii U... (before they go third party [that's a joke!]).

I think that they should have dropped the "Wii" branding. By the end of the initial Wii's lifetime, people were seemingly sick of it. It sold well in the beginning but that beginning period of it being 'cool' to have had worn off. Transitioning into the Wii U lifetime, I think many people were skeptical of purchasing the system because it was 'too similar' to the previous gen model which people had grown tired of. Maybe starting fresh with a different brand name (they had a good and unique thing going for it being the first company to bundle a tablet in with the system) would have been better.

Just my 2 cents.

I think it was too different. The Wii is a great family and party console system. I think they would have done better just updating the Wii hardware to better graphics and HDMI.

Still too much expensive. At 200$ the price would be right. This is last gen+ hardware with a uselessly pricey controller.