Nintendo US to Relocate, Majority of Sales Team Quits

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed two major pieces of information regarding recently reported company actions. First off, the company plans to relocate from their Redmond, WA offices to a site possibly in either New York or San Francisco. Secondly and consequently, the gaming giant now has to deal with the resignation of over half of Nintendo of America's sales and marketing department. "Virtually all of the employees affected by the relocation plan have now responded with their decisions, and approximately four of every ten have agreed to make the move to either New York or the Bay Area, in keeping with our original expectations," said Fils-Aime.

News source: PC World

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this article is wrong I believe, Nintendo is not moving the main headquarters out of Redmond, ONLY the sales and marketing teams are moving to San Franciso and New York. NOA corporate and the warehouse, production etc will still be in Redmond

to the previous poster, someone from NOA said that Nintendo Power isn't shutting down but they they were being licensed to an outside publisher.

I heard rumours that Nintendo Power might shud down because of that, even though I'm a current subscriber, I welcome the rumour. The magazine is reaching an all new low lately.

As for this move, I don't think any of us(end users) will notice any difference at all.

I wonder if it's worth to loose more than half of your sales/marketing force right in the middle of the new generation console wars.

Considering the main Nintendo headquarters are in Japan, I don't think it will effect them much (same way Microsoft Australia moving around wouldn't effect sales of Windows)

Their sales team was obviously improving...

...Well, this is most definitely going to open up an opportunity for a lot of people looking to make a name for themselves in the sales industry.

Ares like that, especially marketing, would have been the one's in charge of the very successful and non-eventful (read: no one got shot) release events. I'd say they far from sucked.

why move? Redmont washington isnt exactly a nothing place, microsoft is almost right across the road! along with a lot of other big companies