Nintendo Wii Launching in Britain Tomorrow!

That's right all you awesome British peeps, tomorrow is the big day for you guys! Nintendo will launch the Wii tomorrow December 8th. The first launch event will take place at HMV Oxford Street, London. And there will be other events taking place in Dublin, Edinburgh and Birmingham! But quantities are limited. Nintendo did promise however, that for people who did not pre-order a Wii, some stores would have stock available for those who wanted to wait in line for a unit.

The event at Oxford Street begins at 11 PM local time tonight, and over 200 Gamestation stores will be opening early at midnight to start selling the Wii to you. However, I would call ahead to Gamestation if I were you, since not every store will have extra stock to sell. And plus, from what I understand the weather isn't so hot right now over there for you guys - typical eh? Other store chains are not opening early from what is being reported, so it looks like Gamestation stores are the only option. But since I don't know the retail sector to well in the UK, I can't say for sure of course!

Hope you guys enjoy the Wii launch, and I hope you enjoy the console itself. It's been over a year since the Xbox 360 launched over there nI believe, and since the Playstation 3 isn't going to launch until March of 2007 in the UK, I'm sure alot of you are looking forward to the Nintendo Wii. Have at it boys!

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Right lads just goin for a wii. i'll be back in half an hour :laugh:

I'll just explain for those non-Brits. Here, "wee" means p*ss, or urine. So you can say I'm going for a wee instead of I'm going for a p*ss


oh man... it launched only a couple miles away i shoulda gone down but i couldnt get a ride, damn tornado, i was hoping it would come pick me up and drop me off but nooooooooooo totally unreliable, but really what happened was that i was reinstalling xp on my 2nd machine and totally forgot about the launch and looked at the time at 1am, do'h!

i wanna get one, but i cant be bothered to look for where to buy it from. i'll wait till they bundle 2 game 2 wimotes with nunchuks all in black for less than £250... it'll probably be 6-12 months but i'm lazy and can wait.

Got mine pre-ordered at Gamestation, but they are saying that as I am not one of the first 15, I'll have to wait until 9am tomorrow, even though they have more in stock right now.


I'm going down there anyway, see if anything interesting happens.

Edit: Well that was a wast of time, there were about 20 people down there in total, and even if all 15 allocated consoles do not sell tonight, I still have to wait for a phone call to tell me when I can get mine

Wii launched here in Australia yesterday (7th Dec) and apparently it has been selling really well from what I can tell. Out of interest I visited a few stores last night and they were all pretty much out of stock (I wasn't out to buy, just looking, I cant afford one at the moment ).

I hope Nintendo has as much luck in Europe today!

Mines guaranteed along with Zelda, and I'm checking the tracking info every 5 mins just in case it goes missing Very excited! Sadly the extra remote I ordered along with Wii Play are having problems so I made a last minute switch with those to eBay in the hope I'd get it on launch. Now I just have to hope Amazon send me Rayman, although no word from them on that yet

Think I may struggle to sleep tonight, as my wii should turn up from amazon tommorow morning.

COD3 arrived today from, and its here, teasing me... sitting, laughing at me as it basks in the warm glow of my monitor.

it'll be a long night...

I'm pretty sure that we're going to enjoy the Wii come tomorrow. And yeah, you're right about the weather. But the main problem at the moment is wind. We've had tornadoes over here now! I'm getting a Wii as well, but luckily, I won't have to wait in line. But there are 2 bad things about it: 1. I don't get it tomorrow. I have to wait till the 11th. And 2. I'm gonna have to pay extra for it (a lot extra). I've had to order it from a catalogue to get it (one of those ones that charge you weekly but charge you a lot more than the retail price). So instead of paying £220 for the Wii + Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess + another £40 for Red Steel, I'm having to pay a total of £310!

I'm hoping Legend of Zelda is a good game. To be honest, I've never played a Zelda game before in my life. I'm really looking forward to Red Steel, but I've seen various reviewers give it bad reviews. Gamespot gave it 6/10, but I think that they're biased towards the other consoles.

And also, you are right about the 360 being out for a year. It came out over here on December 2nd 2005. I got mine the day after the launch. I was so bloody lucky. But it was a core package, so I had to buy the accesories, but in the end, it was well worth it. And if anyone is wondering, I'm on my 2nd 360 now. 2 weeks prior to getting my 360, I had one of the many overheating consoles, but Microsoft (god bless them) repaired it for free. And that one lasted until August. And instead, Microsoft sent me a new one that was manufactured in July, and I've had no problems with this at all. But to take precaution, I bought the Nyko Intercooler 360, which works like a charm.

Next on my list of gadgets is new parts for my PC (new processor, motherboard, DDR2 RAM).

i really didnt like red steel. having to move your pointer to the edge of the screen just to turn your player really turned me off to the game. the sword fighting that it forces you into really breaks up any attempt at a fast pace.