Nintendo Wii Leads U.S. January Game Console Sales

According to preliminary figures from NPD Group for January 2007, Nintendo Wii game console was the most successful game machine in the U.S. – although all three next generation consoles obviously did worse than in December. Microsoft's Xbox 360 could not sustain the lead in the U.S. market in January as sales of the console dropped nearly four times from December (down from 1.132 million to 294 thousand). Meanwhile consumers were still very enthusiastic about Nintendo's Wii although there was still a drop in sales (down from 604 thousand in December to 436 thousand). Sales of Sony's PlayStation 3 dropped two times (to 244 thousand units), making the PS3 January's worst-selling new-generation game console in the U.S.

"I do think that we're selling to additional and different customers, compared with the Microsoft and Sony consoles. We've had an incredibly healthy start and we think there's going to be a pretty long tail on this product," said Perrin Kaplan, vice president of marketing for Nintendo.

"Xbox 360 had a fantastic January, and we feel great about our position in the marketplace," said Molly O'Donnell, a spokeswoman for Microsoft Xbox group, adding that sales of Xbox 360 in January, 2007, were 18% higher year-over-year.

News source: Xbit Laboratories

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The "out-specs your rivals" strategy has work well for Sony the last 2 generations, can't blame Sony for staying with the winning formula; it just seems less important this time around.


I don't think it's a matter of how successful Sony is doing in comparison to the xbox... I think it's a matter of how successful they are doing in regards to the PS2/what they talked themselves up to.

Congrats to the Wii (I own one myself, i'm also a huge Ninty fanboy), however, the Wii still needs to keep up with strong third party support and first party games otherwise, regardless of how many have been sold -- it will end up like the GCN.

As for the x360... Well I think it's pretty much surprised everyone in how successful it still is, and the fact that it's sales are still so strong, a year later.

Too bad I can't comment on the PS3, being in .au and all, it still isn't out yet -- their loss.

If I'm not mistaken, During the first months release of the PS2, there were over 900,000 consoles sold. The PS3 is FAR from that amount. Its closer to 200,000 consoles sold. Now if Sony wasn't so much more concerned about Blu-ray, they would have made the cheaper 20gb PS3 come without the Blu-ray drive. That would make the 20gb version cost around 399 rather than 499, and would help sales quite a bit. Besides, with the new lower-end blu-ray players coming out in the near future, along with all its support, there is no worry about blu-ray failing in my view. Also, I think Sony said one of the reasons they included the Blu-ray was because they needed the extra disc space. But the Xbox 360 is doing just fine with dual layer DVD's.

Now, unless PS3 exclusives like DMC4, MGS4, MotorStorm, Lair, Warhawk, etc. can make up for the additional cost in the minds of the consumer (especially parents), then Sony has to get their head back in the game, and take notes form their own PS2. Because Sony had the perfect foprmula with the PS2, and it seems they've just headed in the opposite direction.

But we'll just have to wait and see.

Well, there is no doubting that Nintendo's Wii is a success. However, the PS3 is definitely not out of the picture. In the first 3 months of the PS3's life, there were approx. 934,000 consoles sold (Nov. 06 - Jan. 07). But in the first 3 months of the Xbox 360's life, there were approx. 860,000 consoles sold (Nov. 05 - Jan. 06). and considering that the PS3 is $200 more expensive, I'd say that is very good. So, when compared to the Xbox 360, the PS3 is far from out of the race. Also, Yagi, I'd just like to say that the market does want Blu-ray. Blu-ray sales are 3.5 times higher than HD-DVD, and with the sale of more PS3's, and even the new low-end lower priced Blu-ray players being released soon, the sales will continue to grow more and more.

Also Sony takes a loss on every system sold so it doesn't matter about $200 more a system, it's still a loss. Microsoft is finally making money on their system and Nintendo has made money on every system since the start. As for Blue-ray most articles have shown that the drive alone is what has made the price of the system rediculous and people don't want to pay $600 for a video game system, regardless of blu-ray and media fuctionality. If they took the drive out I'm sure more systems would be sold and they wouldn't be loosing as much money on every system.

It's simple, Sony has completely droped the ball this time around for some reason, and I don't get it. Nintendo had something to prove and they did and Microsoft stuck with what they know, online game play which is selling well also. Playstation, besides adding an overpriced media drive that the market doesn't seem to want, hasn't done much except put an rediculous price tag on a video game system. Can I emphasize video game system? I love my PS2, but I'm not spending $600 on a video game system and I think that's what the market is showing Sony also.

In Calgary, PS3 can be found in most of the majors - they just aren't selling and people have even quit asking for them according to a salesperson I was talking with.

The Wii, however; as rare as hens teeth.

That has got to say something.

Go Wii! I use to LOVE Nintendo, NES, SNES, N64 then lost interest at gamecube, still play gameboy sometimes, but Wii to me is classic nintendo all over again, and the ability to play older games again is great! Finally getting my new one this week, its already shipped... yay!

Working at Best Buy, I know what we have, and I know we have like 100 or so PS3s, and just got a truck of Wiis last night. I'll tell you what, I don't think those Wiis will last through the week.

hmm 244k for the ps3 is still good considering the price. and so are the numbers for the xbox 360, these numbers are about the usual numbers they had per month outside of holidays. The Wii numbers are obviously good, of course the price does play a factor in it's sales, but hey that is it's price and you can't knock pure numbers of it selling alot.

the only thing I wonder is will some Sony exec lie and say the numbers aren't that high because it was sold out everywhere. I can tell you just about every place has at least 2 ps3's so stock wasn't an issue this month.