Nintendo Wii U launch date and price to be revealed Sept. 13?

Nintendo has been keeping a number of specific facts about its Wii U game console a secret, including its exact launch date and its final price. So far, Nintendo has only said that the Wii U will launch before the end of 2012.

Today, Kotaku reports that members of the media have received an invite today to attend a press event in New York City on September 13th. The invite says the event will give the invited journalists more information on "how the Wii U will change the future of gaming and entertainment."

That vague statement is likely code for Nintendo's real intentions; the officially announcement of the price and specific launch date for the Wii U for the US market.

The original Wii, released in 2006, had a price point of just $249 for its launch. The introductory price of the Wii U could be higher, thanks in part to the console's new tablet-like controller. A recent rumor, via unnamed sources, said that the Wii U could have a US launch price of $299.

As far as a specific launch date, it's also likely that it will be sometime in November, just in time for the Wii u to become one of the hottest gifts of the 2012 holiday season.

Source: Kotaku | Image via Nintendo

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I'm seeing it this way: They may announce the console around 300$.
Later on, the successors of the 360 and PS3 go out. Nintendo reduces its price.


That will be the time to buy it.

Nimdock said,
It looks like this will be a total failure.

That's what they said about the Wii, and that made Nintendo a ton of money. Guess it all depends on how you define failure.

jerzdawg said,

What's wrong with owning both?

I thought the same thing about the Wii, can't hurt to own that as well, now it just sits there gathering dust. Despite having many good games, I just use my Xbox way more.

jerzdawg said,

What's wrong with owning both?

I have a Wii, but it hasn't been played in over 2 years. I don't see the point of wasting any more money on a console which I probably won't use.

is it me or are they trying to monkey wrench all the new technology we have into this system? Looks like too much hardware for me.