No more Windows Messenger?

Thanks badnbusy...Microsoft's MSN Messenger site has somewhat been updated and/or changed slightly. Now, when you visit it, it takes you straight to the MSN Messenger 5.0 download page. If you try to click on the Windows Messenger link on the left, it just takes you straight back to the MSN Messenger download page.

Previously, you had the choice to choose which version you wanted to download and install. But as it seems now, although this may not be permanent, its only allowing the MSN Messenger to be downloaded.

Also, the site now shows you the version of MSN that is currently available, which in this case, is MSN Messenger 5.0. Previously, it didnt have this information.

Only time will tell if this is a bug, or if Microsoft really have stopped Windows Messenger and there will not be a version 5.0!

View: MSN Messenger homepage

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