No price cuts yet for 802.11n products in 4Q07

The three leading branded consumer networking device vendors in North America – D-Link, Linksys ( a division of Cisco Systems) and Netgear – have mostly kept the price of consumer networking devices, especially 802.11n products, unchanged recently instead of resorting to aggressive pricing strategy to boost sales during the year-end peak season, according to industry sources.

The three leading vendors are still looking for more concrete indicators that can clearly indicate how strong the buying strength will be for the current season, the sources stressed, noting that consumers may start seeing discount offers from the vendors in early 2008 if sales do not pick up as expected in the following weeks.

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802.11n is still to expensive for me to consider. I have a Linksys "N" router because I was able to catch it on sale the day after my "G" burned out ($69). But the NIC would still cost me more than the router did ($99). Now these are the prices at my local Best Buy and I know I could save more by shopping around, but I don't think I'd save enough to even consider it. My cable modem in 6 Mbps so when I need to transfer gigs of data between PCs I can just wait a little longer.

Has the 802.11n format actually been finalised yet though?? Still seems pointless buying until the actual supported version is released...

Yeah, I can imagine that the "big 3" are probably thinking what a nightmare it would be to get all of the devices to interoperate correctly should the final draft not be fully compatible, so putting off mass adoption is probably for the best for now.