Nokia expands DVLUP rewards program to more countries

Nokia has announced through their Conversations blog that they will be launching DVLUP, their premier Windows Phone developer rewards program in more than twenty countries.

DVLUP was intially launched in the United States and Canada in 2012, to encourage developers by giving them points and rewards for various tasks carried out as part of application development. Developers earn XP and badges in the ongoing process and for competing in new challenges. Nokia calls it the "gamification" model. It also carries out promotion of the apps in the Windows Phone store or Nokia App Social with plans to introduce in-app, print and digital ads in the future. 

Nokia has been trying hard to bring more developers to the Windows Phone platform since they are heavily invested in the platform themselves. With new devices launching at various price points, Nokia will be eager to gain marketshare in new countries and with the expansion of DVLUP, Nokia can expect to get more developers to create apps for Windows Phone. As of now the countries listed by Nokia are Australia, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Poland, UK, USA and Vietnam, with more to be added soon.

Developers can join the program at DVLUP using their Microsoft account/Windows Live ID for free.

Source: Nokia Conversations

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If you're a windows phone developer you need to join this program - even if you're using a non-Nokia phone. Every app you release gets you points and depending on the updates you make you may even get points for simply adding a feature or two.

Since it launched I've managed to pick up 2 Lumia 920s, a Lumia 800, a bunch of Starbucks gift cards, and some other neat goodies. They're a bit behind on adding new rewards and the phone selection surprisingly is fairly weak - I would love a 520 or 720 or even the big old 1020 as a reward but they're not around - at least in Canada.

Nokia's been constantly renewing the program every 3 months or so. I see a few challenges in there that go straight through to Jan 31st at the moment so looks like they may be continuing that trend.

I'd expect it to be similar to though in that once a campaign was ending they provided great communication to their members.