Nokia HERE Drive updated, no longer Nokia-exclusive

Nokia has updated its HERE Drive application for Windows Phone 8, bringing some new features but most importantly, the app is now no longer a Nokia exclusive, meaning anyone with a Windows Phone 8 smartphone can now benefit from Nokia's free turn-by-turn navigation.

Features-wise, the updated HERE Drive app now comes with a feature called My Commute, which teaches the everyday commuter about their driving habits and provides recommendations for things such as traffic. Speaking of traffic, a new Traffic view is also now available, giving drivers real-time traffic information while driving. Other new features include an interactive compass, simpler settings and the ability to upgrade to a global license from within the application.

At the same time, Nokia has updated HERE Transit for Windows Phone 8, also dropping the Nokia exclusive tag. The update brings an improved interface that's more streamlined, as well as a dedicated favorites screen. The app works across 740 cities in 52 countries with this update, which is now available in the Windows Phone Store.

Download: Nokia Drive | HERE Transit

Update: Installation issues and app crashes are affecting some users, causing Nokia to temporarily suspend downloads of HERE Drive. A fixed version will be available shortly.

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Thanks for the no answers guys...

I was seriously interested in why someone would jump platform based on apps he was missing.

For me it feels a bit silly if people 'jump ship' because the OS doesn't have the latest craze of the month InstaDrawSomeBejeweled app. But that's me ;-)

Dutchie64 said,
what apps if i may ask?

Why, you can't just take his word for it and accept some apps simply weren't available or didn't have adequate replacements?

Why do you think he can't accept instead of thinking of moving to WP and knowing apps that are missing may be a reason not to move?

alwaysonacoffebreak said,
Huh? 10 day trial?
Yeah, I bought the Lumia 920 and used it for 10 days last December. I wanted to switch over but certain apps that my family and friends use on their Androids and iPhones were missing in action. Went back to my Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 5.