Nokia hints that Lumia with PureView will be here in the "coming weeks"

Earlier this year, Nokia launched the 808 PureView smartphone, with its in-house Symbian OS and, more importantly, a 41 megapixel camera inside. Later, a leaked image showed that the PureView camera technology could be coming to Nokia's Windows Phone-based Lumia lineup of smartphones.

While Nokia has never officially confirmed plans for a PureView-based Lumia, the company strongly hinted today in an answer to a fan's Twitter message that we will finally get a Lumia PureView announcement soon. The message stated that fans should "... just keep your eyes and ears open in the next coming weeks...."

That's more than likely a reference to a press event that both Nokia and Microsoft will be holding in New York City on September 5th, where it is almost certain that the latest Lumia smartphones, powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone 8, will be officially revealed.

Having a high megapixel camera attached to a Windows Phone 8 device would certainly give Microsoft a big bullet point in its favor compared to iOS and Android devices.

Neowin is scheduled to attend the New York City press event in just 15 days and we will bring you all the information from Microsoft and Nokia's announcements first hand.

Source: Nokia Twitter page

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Would be nice to see. It'd definitely get attention. Some people see it as a gimmick but a quick look at actual photos blows that out of the water. If the next Nokia is Pureview, then my next phone is Nokia. Period.

Panda X said,
I'd consider getting one if it recorded 1080 video, I believe the current one only goes to 720?

It records 1080p

If true, one killer feature to get the consumers attention. And Nokia has been doing good marketing...

Good good...