Nokia launches LiveSight for HERE Maps on Windows Phone 8

Nokia has released an update to its Here Maps app for Windows Phone 8 and it brings a new feature: LiveSight. This works in much the same way that City Lens works on Lumia devices, overlaying digital tags on top of your viewfinder so you can easily find stores, restaurants and other points of interest.

The update is available in the Windows Phone Store but you'll need a WP8 device. Users will be able to access the new feature just by touching a button inside the Here Maps app. What's really great about this functionality is that it even has an offline mode so you're not dependent on the varying conditions of your phone's signal strength.

Nokia promises to keep things fresh and release iterative updates that will increase the functionality of LiveSight over time - and if you're curious what LiveSight looks like in action, you can take a look at the video below.

Source: Nokia Conversations Via: Engadget | Image via Nokia

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I'd like to see them translate the 3d points that are captured for HERE maps into a 3d view of streetview. That'd be awesome.

Nice. I liked when this sort of functionality was shown off in a Microsoft Tech Demo quite some time ago (2 years?) and I'm glad to see it available to everyone now. It's very cool.

Local Scout is a Microsoft product based on Bing. Live sight and City Lens are the same thing but City Lens is exclusive to Lumia phones while Live Sight comes inside the HERE Maps app, on any WP8 device.