Nokia Lumia 1020 already sold out on AT&T's website

On Tuesday, AT&T started selling the Nokia Lumia 1020 on its website ahead of its official launch date on July 26th. If you were hoping to get in on some of that pre-order action, you might have to wait a little while longer as the white, black and yellow versions of the Windows Phone 8 device are now "out of stock online" on AT&T's site.

The pre-order page tells the story. Apparently, there are enough buyers for the $299.99 phone, with its big 41 megapixel PureView camera, that AT&T has run out of its first run allocation.

If you still want to get the Lumia 1020, Best Buy's website is still taking pre-orders for the phone, although their page does say they will start shipping units out "when we receive stock." Currently, the site still says that the phone will be made available for sale on July 26th, but people who pre-order from Best Buy might not get their smartphone on that day, depending on how many units Best Buy has ordered.

The Microsoft Store website is also still taking pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 1020. Keep in mind that the Microsoft offer includes a free Camera Grip case if you buy the phone from them, which also requires a new two year contract with AT&T.

Source: AT&T | Image via AT&T

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It's called marketing and publicity. Every phone has been "sold out" at launch dates on AT&T and others since iPhone started the trend.

I can only think about two things: (1) there will still be devices on day one in stores, since pre-orders are always separate from that stock, and (2) this better not be a GD repeat of the 920 disaster. I sat on my ass for two months waiting for my 920 order to get filled with nothing but template responses to questions because it was sold out and everyone was so damn happy about it. Joy for Nokia's high demand had no effect on my frustration and eventual cancellation of the order in favor of something else.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

This is great news for Nokia. This + the (less) amount of loss compared to last year only means good things are in store. Hopefully, WP is able to get another jump in marketshare as well. Right now they are at ~5%; I think if they could hit 10% by the next couple months, then the snowball effect should start kicking in, and you will see them gain even more. Maybe in a years time, they may even be a contender for 2nd.

greensabath said,

Especially once Asha is retired. Having two mobile OSes within the organization is hurting the adoption of the Lumia Line.

Read report saying Lumia 5xx series make up 70% of Lumia sales, with their #1 contender being their own Asha phones.

This phone's been getting a lot more attention in mainstream media because of it's camera, so I'm not surprised, and very glad. If I were near the end of my current contract I'd pick one up, but I'm just fine with my 920 for now

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