Nokia Lumia 1020 coming to UK in September - here's where to get yours [Update]

Yesterday's launch of Nokia's new flagship Windows Phone, the Lumia 1020, generated quite a bit of buzz across the tech world, with the main focus of attention being, of course, its 41-megapixel camera. Capable of taking snaps at a full resolution of up to 38MP, the camera also simultaneously outputs a 5MP image of the same shot; using a process known as 'over-sampling', it condenses seven pixels into a single 'super-pixel', creating incredibly detailed images with manageable file sizes. 

That's got plenty of people pretty excited, and many are already wondering when they'll be able to purchase one. So far, Nokia has only revealed details of availability in the United States, where the handset will be sold exclusively on AT&T. It'll come with a premium price tag though - where most higher-end handsets sell for around $199 up-front on a two-year contract, the Lumia 1020 will cost 50% more, at $299.99. 

Nokia has said that the handset will launch "this quarter" in China and "selected European markets". For those of you in the United Kingdom keen to get your greasy paws on the new device, we've got a round-up of who'll be offering it. 


The Three network has confirmed that it will launch the Lumia 1020 later this year, highlighting the "unbeatable photos" that the device can take as the top selling point. Prospective buyers on Three will no doubt be pleased to note that the 1020 is compatible with its upcoming 'Ultrafast' 4G network, and the company has promised that 4G speeds will be offered at the same price as its existing 3G tariffs. 

Three has launched a 'coming soon' page on its website for the Lumia 1020, where buyers can sign up for a notification email which will let them know when the device will be available. 

As is Three's custom when launching new devices, the company has also posted an overview video of the handset: 


As part of the Telefónica empire, O2 will be exclusively offering a 64GB version of the Lumia 1020, whereas buyers on other networks will have to make do with the standard 32GB storage. O2 didn't reveal whether it will also be selling the 32GB model, but in a statement to Neowin, a spokesperson did confirm that the device will be available in the UK, and that it will launch in a couple of months: 

We will unveil the specific details of the variant Lumia 1020 available in exclusive for Telefónica’s customers at the official commercial launch - which we expect to happen before the end of September."


EE is the UK's only 4G network at the moment, and with the Lumia 1020 offering full 4G LTE support, these two seem like a match made in heaven. At the moment, EE isn't yet saying if it will offer the device on its 4G network - or on either of its two 3G network brands, T-Mobile and Orange

It's worth noting, however, that the Lumia 1020 does include LTE support for the 1800MHz band on which EE currently operates its 4G service, as well as for the newer 800MHz and 2600Mhz bands on which 4G services will be rolled out by it and other UK operators later this year


Vodafone hasn't yet got back to us regarding its plans for the Lumia 1020 in the UK, but sales staff from the company have indicated that the device is on the way, hinting that it may be one of the flagship launch devices for its new 4G network later this year

Vodafone UK has a pretty strong record when it comes to Windows Phone 8, offering a nearly complete range of handsets, including the Lumia 520, Lumia 620, Lumia 820, Lumia 920 and the new Lumia 925


Virgin Media currently offers the Lumia 620 and 720, and while it doesn't sell any of Nokia's flagships, it does sell HTC's range-topping Windows Phone 8X, as well as the high-end Samsung Galaxy S4

Sadly, the Lumia 1020 won't be joining the network any time soon. In a statement to Neowin, a company spokesperson said: 

There are no current plans to range the Nokia Lumia 1020 at launch. We're always looking to bring new devices to our handset range to provide our customers with even more choice."


One of the UK's top two independent handset retailers. Phones 4U has already committed to offering the Nokia Lumia 1020, and has set up a 'coming soon' page, inviting customers to register for notifications about the device. 

The company hasn't yet revealed pricing information, but sales staff have pointed to a September launch date. 


Independent phone retail giant Carphone Warehouse has also confirmed their plans to offer the Lumia 1020, and has created a 'coming soon' page, which includes the option to register for notifications. The page also confirms the anticipated launch of the device in the UK in September. 


Clove is something of a favourite among UK smartphone buyers purchasing handsets off-contract, as it's regularly among the first retailers to offer the latest SIM-free devices. They don't yet have any details to share on their plans for the Lumia 1020, but they've promised to let us know if that changes.

Given their strong track record with Nokia handsets - they currently offer a full range of Lumia Windows Phone 8 handsets - we're hopeful that the 1020 will join their range.

This article was updated after publishing to include details of availability at Carphone Warehouse and Clove, and on the Virgin Media network.

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sorry - I was speaking more about the globalized view on things more than just a single market in that world. you cant push world wide market share by offering the 920 for example at EE for a couple of month.

Phones4u are awful.

If anyone is buying in the UK don't purchase from them. Waited over month and a half for my phone to be repaired twice because they made it worse the first time. I had a faulty battery and they made the battery worse the first time and now they've completely broke my wireless charging. Can't swap for a new one because they have a "3 repair policy".

had a bricked 920 - called support - told him it is bricked - went to the next store with a ticket number and went out of the store 5 minutes later with a new phone.

ive had nothing but great service from them, ordered the galaxy note 2 and got it shipped the day of release, with an excellent bundle. Every time ive gone in store they have been very helpful. I used to buy direct from O2 but all O2 staff ive encountered are surely, unhelpful and usually rude.

There seem to be so many negative and positive reviews of these companies.

I don't think I've found any aggregate review of a company above two stars (tried to when I got my last contract) so in the end it's a matter of judging things like the store/phone line at the beginning and hoping for the best.

Anybody know which Canadian carrier is going to be getting it? I assume Rogers, but it would be nice to actually know.

iPhone 5S will be launching or taking pre-orders in September. Releasing it against the iPhone is just ridiculous and atrocious planning from Nokia.

Nokia makes one catastrophic blunder after another.

Why? Unless Apple shocks everyone with a significant improvement in their camera technology then I don't see what difference it will make.

People who are interested in the 1020 (as the best camera phone on the market) will still be interested. Those who want an iPhone will still go for an iPhone. I really don't think there's much crossover between the two groups of consumers.

There's never a good time. There will be Moto X, new Samsung Galaxy etc every other quarter. So trying to plan things around other launches will not be that different. It's all about marketing and how Nokia spins their phones.

"Clove is something of a favourite among UK smartphone buyers purchasing handsets off-contract, as it's regularly among the first retailers to offer the latest SIM-free devices."
Really? Never heard of it, just asked a few random people and they've never heard of it either.

Really? They are famous, have been going for a number of years. Famous that is for offering phones at massively overinflated prices over anyone else. Quite how they are still in business amazes me. But I guess some people are prepared to pay over the odds to get a phone a week earlier than it's available in most other places.

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