Nokia Lumia 1020 priced at €799 in Germany by two sources

Last week, Nokia announced its long-awaited Windows Phone flagship, the Lumia 1020, featuring an impressive 41-megapixel camera. The device goes on sale in the United States on July 26, with pre-orders beginning tomorrow.

Nokia has so far only announced pricing and availability in the US, where the handset will be exclusively offered on AT&T, who'll be expecting you to hand over $299.99 upfront, as well as committing to a two-year contract. That will make the device one of the most expensive in AT&T's range, going head-to-head with the identically priced iPhone 5 32GB. 

The first indications of pricing beyond the US were revealed today by Nokiapoweruser, who spotted pre-order pages from two separate German retailers that had each priced the Lumia 1020 at €799 EUR (straight-up currency conversions: $1,042 USD / £690 GBP - actual local pricing may vary by market).

Nullprozentshop has since pulled the page from their site, while Notebooksbilliger has removed its pricing (seen in the image above), but still has a preview page for the upcoming handset. Notebooksbilliger also detailed pricing for the handset on contract, starting at €249.90 ($326 / £216) upfront with Vodafone, T-Mobile and O2. 

To put this pricing into a more relevant context, the same site sells the Nokia Lumia 925 SIM-free for €518 ($676 / £448), with contract pricing starting at just €1 ($1.30 / $0.86) upfront, suggesting that the Lumia 1020 is expected to command quite a significant premium over the next handset down in Nokia's range.

Telefónica - O2's parent company operating in parts of Europe and Latin America - will exclusively offer a 64GB version of the Lumia 1020 in certain markets, although the company has not yet revealed how much it will cost, or when it will launch. We've been in touch with numerous UK network operators and retailers regarding their plans to launch the 1020, with most confirming availability in September.

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Source: Nokiapoweruser via Unwired View | Image via Nokiapoweruser

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Because Nokia has trouble developing an OS and keeping this up to date or even ahead of competition. Now they can focus on developing the phones and keep their software development limited to a set of applications. Let MS worry about the OS, drivers etc.

With Android they'd still need inhouse OS development. It has shown before that Nokia can't do OS development beyond a certain point.

Cause its not just a phone. Its not just some 920 with a different camera filter slapped to it.
Nokia puts a lot of development and research into these techs, and since its the unrivaled in the market, as most phone's already have trouble matching the 920's quality. Makes sense they charge a decent price for it.

ah yes the nokia EOS? or the name before they decided on 1020? if my memory serves me right they will release two versions of this phone? if I'm honest here the U.K phone market is so boring!! android, Apple, sony don't do it for me or for many others tbh. I still have the nokia n8 so this will be big in my life. sept release date could be exciteing!! the nokia pure view got me excited but the u.k phone market didn't see a place for it? old operateing system. but for the camera phones this will show the U.K who's boss. I will prob upgrade to this and hopefully be 4g ready too

Weight listed as 158 g (5.57 oz)

Pretty good to pack in so much but it'll still feel pretty heavy in the hand.

Trollercoaster said,
Weight listed as 158 g (5.57 oz)

Pretty good to pack in so much but it'll still feel pretty heavy in the hand.

Yeah, if your hands are made of paper.

funkydude said,

Yeah, if your hands are made of paper.

Point is the new top end lumias are on the higher end of the weight scale compared to other devices. It does make a difference. I just went from an android phone listed at 177g to a new phone at 130g and it's more noticeable than you'd think especially in the pocket.

That's a fairly steep price hike when compared to the 920 base sticker.
If true, we can foresee limited sales. You really NEED the camera feature in order to shell that amount of money for a phone.

Starting to feel indecisive about going for the 1020 in 2 months or the 925 right now. It was actually clear to me before but I am not willing to pay 800€ let alone wait even longer until it might eventually become affordable. I'd really like to know if this information is accurate 'cause then I don't have to wait any longer only to be disappointed.

Neowin should note that in the price the value added tax is included by default, unlike in the USA. Since it's 19%, the value without tax would be around 680 Euros (875 USD / 580GPB) without tax.

Youch I've no doubt the camera is brilliant but... I think I'd still rather carry a high quality point & shoot camera, and another top end smart phone for that sort of money.

Arkos Reed said,
Hmmm that's a wee bit expensive, they're really positionning it as a flagship/premium aren't they...

$1000 for a premium camera? damn. Guess they have nothing else spectacular to offer.