Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet reportedly coming to Verizon in mid-November

In mid-August, images leaked from a Weibo account showed what looked like the back of a Nokia tablet with both Windows RT and Verizon logos. Today, a report claims that the 10.1 inch tablet will go on sale in Verizon stores sometime during the third week of November.

The report comes from WPCentral, which cites unnamed sources. It also states that the tablet, which is rumored to be branded as the Lumia 2520 by Nokia, will be priced at $499. Previous reports have claimed that the tablet will make its debut in the first week of November via AT&T.

Nokia has never confirmed any of the stories about the Lumia 2520, but it is expected to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, along with 32 GB of storage. The tablet is also supposed to have a built-in kickstand and support for an optional keyboard that will serve as a battery extender for the device.

Today, the well known Internet gadget leaker @evleaks tweeted that the Lumia 2520 will be available with four colour options: black, white, red and cyan:

Nokia is expected to officially announce the Lumia 2520, along with many other upcoming products, during its Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi on October 22nd. The company announced earlier this week it will live stream the announcements, followed by a second live stream later that day that will offer more information on the new products.

Source: | Image via Weibo

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I'm hopeful about its chances, but since i have no need for a tablet with a cellular data connection, its more than I'd be willing to pay. I think I'd get it over a Surface 2, but not sure Id get it over a Dell Venue Pro.

Loathe as i am to admit it, Windows RT requires a compelling app market to be worthwhile, and the Windows 8/RT app market "isn't there yet," at least from a perception standpoint (and i think I'm being generous). Until then, consumer focused Windows tablets need the x86 crutch.

I like the Surface RT a lot, and do wish it had a data modem on board from the get go. This is good that they will be made with modems in the near future. Are there any solid indicators that a Surface with LTE will be released anytime soon? I did read a few rumor reports of a possibility in early next year.

That's awesome! Thanks for the link! The choice becomes: can I wait it out for the Surface 2 LTE or just go ahead with the Nokia implementation.

Nokia or MS need to take one for the team and make a 200$ WP8/RT tablet. Probably the only way the eco system picks up

swanlee said,
Nokia or MS need to take one for the team and make a 200$ WP8/RT tablet. Probably the only way the eco system picks up

Well, just my guess here but since this is going to Verizon it should be sold with a data plan and thus probably subsidized. You could see it for $299 and not the full $499 price? Unless the $499 is the price Verizon will sell it at + the data plan.