Nokia Music app for Windows 8 gets major update

In April, Nokia launched the Nokia Music app for Windows 8 and Windows RT PCs in the Windows Store, allowing people with a paid Nokia Music subscription to listen to their service on a Windows 8 or RT device in addition to their Lumia smartphone. This week, the Windows 8 app got a major update with several new features added.

The change notes for the new version show that, for the first time, users can purchase individual songs and albums from inside the app. It also adds a new Recent Songs section to the Play Queue that lets people see which songs they have recently listened to.

The My Music section of the app has also received a makeover. Nokia says:

The new semantic zoom (zoomed out) view will allow those of you with a large music collection to navigate your music better. We’ve also tweaked the knobs and dials of our music database behind the scenes to not only handle larger music collections, but also let you navigate them more quickly.

The app also lets users see more of the songs from a particular artist in this new version. Finally, the app has a number of unnamed "general performance improvements, squashed bugs and improved user experience."

Source: Windows Store | Image via Nokia

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I think it is a great value, though only did the free trial so far but plan to sign up since I can have it on my phone as well. The mixes work pretty well. I'm not happy about the local music support though.
It still finds all my music unlike XBox Music (which is still odd that MS doesn't know how to program in their own product), yet Nokia doesn't have it totally correct. It seems to have trouble reading tags since I get artist and song titles (based on filename) but no album art (was broken before) and no other information.
I'll use it for streaming, but too bad local music isn't better supported.