Nokia: Our MixRadio service will be key to "revitalizing the Microsoft brand"

Nokia wants to set up its MixRadio service to be a way to help Microsoft. That's the message coming from a Nokia executive this week a few weeks before the company officially sells off its Devices and Services division to Microsoft.

In an interview on CNet, Jyrki Rosenberg, Nokia's vice president of entertainment, stated that MixRadio will be a "key contribution in revitalizing the Microsoft brand." The service launched as Nokia Music in 2012 for the company's Lumia smartphones but has since expanded to include its Asha devices and even a Windows 8 app. MixRadio is also part of Nokia's recently announced Android-based Nokia X smartphones.

Rosenberg stated that because users can access Nokia MixRadio's library of songs with no subscription fee and no need to sign up for an account, it will be easy for people who buy Nokia's devices to listen to the service once they are made and sold by Microsoft. MixRadio also offers a $3.99 a month subscription if users want to also download songs and play them offline.

While MixRadio will likely continue under Microsoft's wing, Rosenberg did said that it was likely that the "Nokia" branding will go away. Nokia is also in talks to include MixRadio as an in-car entertainment service, but details were not revealed.

Source: CNet | Image via Nokia

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If they can match 90% of the quality of the services & ease of use that Zune had it will be successful, but I don't know about it being a main part in Microsoft's strategy going ahead.

I would still love the ability to sync all of the Zune hardware purchased over the years with Xbox Music or even a small sync app for Windows RT/ Surface 2

It seems a bit of a stretch to claim that MixRadio is a key to revitalizing the Microsoft brand. Unless it's best of breed, and well accepted by the masses, this is just hype. I don't see that MS cares that much about MixRadio with so many irons in the fire at the moment.

MS should care, because their users do care. It's one of my favorite apps, and that of others in my surroundings that own a Lumia.
I know HERE stays with Nokia, but if they would change HERE to MS... the typical Lumia user won't be happy either.

Yea I do not see that happening.

I expect MixRadio aspects to get blended into the Xbox Music service.
Microsoft will not have (and maintain) two different Music solutions and services.

I agree and they really shouldn't manage 2 separate services. If anything, MixRadio should be a feature of Xbox Music and the two should be able to access both libraries.

nMIK-3 said,
Yea I do not see that happening.

I expect MixRadio aspects to get blended into the Xbox Music service.
Microsoft will not have (and maintain) two different Music solutions and services.

Its nokias service not microsofts.

duddit2 said,

Its nokias service not microsofts.

The department and team responsible for the Nokia MixRadio will pass to Microsoft once the accusation deal is complete.
Microsoft will not maintain two separate Music services.

Does this do something special that the competition (like Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn Radio) doesn't offer? Or are they completely different forms of service?

With spotify you can select albums and individual songs to listen to.
Mixradio is kinda like Pandora if I'm not mistaken (I only used Jango before Nokia's solution) where you select artists and it will start playing them and similar artists/songs.
Other than that its like the default music app but more expanded feature-wize (still lacking FM radio tho...)

MixRadio allows you to select up to 3 artists per Mix which is a significant step up from Pandora and other music services. If you select 3 artists from 3 differnet genres you'll get a pretty cool mix. More importantly you can download the mixes to listen offline without using data. MixRadio tailors your listening experience by analyzing the artist mixes you create and the music stored on your phone to give you a very personalized listening experience. Plus it's free on Nokia phones.

I know I sound like a commercial but i LOVE this app. I have Xfinity and there'san Xfiniti hot spot where I work and i listen to Mix Radio from the moment I get to work to the moment I get home.

jamdown said,
I know I sound like a commercial but i LOVE this app.

If you provide a justification for liking something, there is no problem in my mind. You told me something that the app in question does, that the apps I use don't do (to my knowledge, at least) and followed up with the overall idea that you like the app. Well played, I would like to see more replies like that.

Well it is a really good app. Although a recent update changed "Play Me". Which once contained a big list of my 'favorite' artists and would thus provide me the music of my liking. Now its down to just 3 artists Please bring back the unlimited artists selection!!

Other than that, I would love a search function in my own music files.