Nokia 'phablet' makes a blurry debut?

It has long been rumored that Nokia was working on a larger speced device and the image you see above, might just be the new Lumia 'phablet'. The blurry photo, obviously not confirmed, looks to be an over-sized Nokia Lumia device that is reportedly going to be called the 1030.

The photo, which also has a plethora of other recently released smartphones, shows a blue 'phablet' like device that is clearly larger than anything we have seen to date. Of course, this could be an elaborate hoax or this device may never materialize, but for those of you who have wanted a larger screen Lumia, this might be the phone you are looking for.

It would make sense that this phone would not be released until GDR3 hits the market (likely, later this year) as that Windows Phone 8 release will introduce higher-resolutions for the platform that would make this device much more appealing.

File all of this under rumors and speculation at this point but take a look at the photo, is this real, or is this just fantasy? 

Source:  Via: WPcentral

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If it doesn't have a stylus, then it isn't a phablet. Though Apple had a tablet without a stylus, it isn't a smartphone. The Note is a smartphone/tablet. Taking a phone and making it 5", doesn't make it a phablet. Just like taking a racecar and giving it 4 doors doesn't make it a family car.

It would be interesting though to see if someone like Nokia develops a good tablet with Windows Phone 8 on it instead of Windows RT.

I want to be able to have a row of 3 tiles like that on my 920!!! the 2 tile row is a bit too big for this screen, but still useful. I'd love to have a 3-tile row so I can still get live info that I don't get on the baby tiles.

I really hope they don't just slap windows phone 8 on it and call it a day. I think they need to add additional functionality to the phablet device akin to what the Note has. If it's just wp8 I might as well use a titan..

bogas04 said,

What's that accent colour ? I can't find a perfectly matching one , cyan ? Indigo?

I believe it's called Nokia Blue. I might be wrong, but I think it might only be available on unlocked phones.

Sszecret said,

I believe it's called Nokia Blue. I might be wrong, but I think it might only be available on unlocked phones.

No, you are correct... to a certain extent: it is called Nokia Blue and I had it on my unbranded 900 but, regrettably because I liked it a lot, it is not available on my unbranded 920. The closest is Cobalt now. Go figure.....

I think a much slimmer version is on the horizon as this appears to be a prototype. Nevertheless, if Nokia did come out with a phablet, I would probably buy it off contract and get rid of my Lumia 900.

Hmm, dont like it. Looks to be a thick blue border. The borders look cool on the phones, but eh on the tablet. Shall see if the image is true, or a prototype.