Nokia pressuring Instagram to release WP8 app

We reported yesterday on a rumor according to which Nokia might get Instagram as an exclusive app for their Lumia line. If this rumor turns out to be true then in most likelihood it would be a timed exclusive with Instagram making its way to other Windows Phones after a while.

Shortly after this rumor spread around the web, Nokia started throwing hints left and right that they are indeed trying to get Instagram, but by the way things are looking they're not quite there yet. First of all Nokia released a very weird interesting app: #2Instawithlove. This little app allows users to take a photo with a "classic polaroid filter", then the app automatically adds the hashtag #2instawithlove and users can share the photo on their favorite social network.

According to Nokia the app is designed to show the level of enthusiasm for Instagram within the Windows Phone community. The official statement reads:

Many of you have asked when Instagram will be coming to Windows Phone, and the #2InstaWithLove app was created as a way for you to have your voice heard…It's all about showing Instagram just how passionate the Windows Phone community is.

Not too long after that, Nokia did it again: they re-released a Instagram clone called SophieLens under their own moniker. The app allows user to take photos and apply different filters just like the other more popular and Facebook-owned service. Nokia even did its users a favor by slashing the price of SophieLens from $1.29 to Free.

It's not very clear what Nokia's strategy is: on the one hand we can guess they're trying to convince Instagram to release an official app by showing how active the Windows Phone community is, and then they release an Instagram clone for free in an effort to either appease the users, or maybe they're just using SophieLens as a trial run to try and prove to Instagram there really is demand for such an app.

In either case it's quite refreshing and encouraging to see so much effort being put into bringing the community something they very much want, and if Nokia pulls it off they score big points with Windows Phone users.

Via: WpCentral

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I hope they do too. In the mean time, InnerFence seems like a pretty good substitue and it's available on a lot of platforms.

Instagram is an important Halo App for the WP8 ecosystem. Even if you don't like it it's important that WP8 offer this app to new or existing users. Brushing this off as unimportant isn't helping anybody.

It really is the most efficient way to keep up to date on what my friends...acquiantances and complete strangers are eating on a daily basis. I shudder to think how I lived without this information in years gone by.

Ah sarcasm aside I have no use for it but if it will get the masses to quit bitching that WP doesn't have it then im all for it coming to WP.

Yeah they should bring it to WP. There are so many amazing photographers on other platforms putting up such beautifully crafted shots. /s

Instagram blows.

Instagram is largely about your social network, not necessarily about what should be brought to display as art. However, there are also those to follow. I think the best experience is achieved from a mix of the two.

Here are a few of the most recent ones I followed:

I can't force you to like it though. Just present why I think there is reason to do so.

There's no denying the quality of the photographer but the quality of the images is what bothers me. It is limited to 612x612? It'd be nice if there were an option to download a higher res version of the these photos. Some people might like to set them as wallpaper or even print them to hang in an office. I guess that takes away from the appeal though.

Instagram is a dedicated visual feed without the noise from Facebook or Twitter along with a community who is there for the photos.

There are no links to websites posted, no retweet spam, no share spam, no advertisements due to "liked" pages, heck there aren't even any pages to begin with.

It's also optimized for posting pictures, and thanks to the lower resolution combined with some uploading intelligence, like beginning the upload even as you're messing with the photo metadata, they're uploaded much more quickly than to Facebook or Twitter. This is important in situations where you have poor connectivity or a crowded mobile network. Like on a festival or sometimes indoors.

All in all, I think Instagram is a much more focused social network than Facebook or Twitter. Once you have something like 10-20 friends there along with really awesome professional designers, artists, and photographers to raise the quality of your feed way beyond "food photos", I think it's actually pretty neat.

Edited by Northgrove, Mar 6 2013, 12:20pm :

I had instagram on my xperia sl, used it once and then uninstalled it, but i dont see whats special in this app that people are so crazy about it.

simrat said,

Hipsters posting food with crappy sepia filter.

Why would you follow or be interested in such people? Widen your views.