Nokia reportedly cutting phone prices in Europe

The financial issues for the once mighty mobile phone maker Nokia may be continuing. As reported by Reuters, two unnamed sources have stated that the company is cutting the prices of its smartphones over in Europe as it tries to stop the slide of sales that are going over to phones that have Google's Android operating system. Prices have been cut by 14 percent on phones such as the popular N8 phone, along with the C7 and E6 phones, according to the source. While the price cuts themselves are small, one of the sources told Reuters, " ...  the scale -- across the portfolio -- has not been seen for a very, very long time." A Nokia spokesperson said that the price cuts were "part of its normal business."

Nokia's overall market share of smartphone sales have dropped drastically in the past year from 39 percent a year ago to just 25.5 percent for the first quarter of 2011. In the UK, Nokia's market share of smartphones has dropped to just 10.6 percent. The Finland-based company is in the process of dumping its in-house Symbian operating system in favor of releasing new phones based on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7. The first Nokia phone with Microsoft's mobile operating system is expected to launch in Europe later this year. However the news that Nokia has lost so much market share to Android phones and other devices has lead some financial analysts to predict that Nokia may not be able to recover, even with the launch of its WP7 devices.

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thats cool, i mean symbian smartphones its good for mid low, and if they can make a real affordable unlocked phone i would prefer that over android or iphones, a reason why rim its doing good here in latin america its that they realize that not everyone have the money to get a hi end phone, and making affordable and more mainstream solution its sometimes a better choice, i hope that all symbian devices will replace the OLD s40 symbian phones in a future

The reason their smart phone sales have dropped is not due to the prices it is due to the fact no one in their right mind who has done even a slither of research is going to buy a Symbian or Meego powered Nokia phone when they themselves have abandoned both platforms and are going to Windows 7. People who buy Smart Phones these days expect to have good aftermarket functionality provided by 3rd party apps and with dead platforms those 3rd party apps will never exist.

Julius Caro said,
mobile phone prices are not transparent anymore to the consumer, let alone smartphone prices. but yay?

clearing stock to get some windows phones rolling or what.. no one will buy their old platforms once people realize they are going to go all out with windows phone