Nokia reportedly launch their own Symbian app store

As Unwired View is reporting, Nokia is set to launch their own app store for Symbian devices at the coming Mobile World Congress.

The last year or so has been a big step for mobile applications, with BlackBerry, Palm, Apple and even Samsung in the business of mobile application distribution. The Symbian platform is already established in terms of applications, with a range of them available, but the problem is they're not collected in one place. Not only this, there's currently no simple way to install the things, hence Nokia's willingness to join the ranks of app store-touting companies.

According to one Eldar Murtazin, it's already up and running, saying that, "At first glance, for now, the app portal looks so so, there is some confusion. But they are trying, polishing it and a lot has changed for the better in a matter of days. A right step in a right direction... And the distribution and revenue sharing model between app makers and Nokia looks very attractive.

2009 looks like another big year for application stores, and it should be an exciting one. Tom Warren from Neowin will be reporting live from the MWC, so check back for more information about Nokia's announcements.

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This is great... except they've tried to do this like 4 times now. eg my N95 has "Download!" which is pretty much the same thing.

But yeah, a system that is as good as the iphones app store will really help.

I got my first Symbian phone a few months back ( the Nokia N78 ) and I love it. Downloaded a few apps, but its tricky to do and find, hope this does well!