Nokia reveals new MD-12 wireless speaker for Lumia devices

Nokia revealed some new Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones today; the Lumia 930, 630 and 635. However, the company had one more new product to announce as part of its press conference earlier today in San Francisco. It's a new mini-wireless speaker called the MD-12.

In a post on Nokia's official blog, the company offered some more information on the MD-12, which it says is about the same size as an apple. It states:

With a built-in vibrating actuator located on the base, low frequencies (read: heavy bass) are created when placed on most surfaces, especially hard ones, delivering a surprising amount of bass for such a compact speaker- in fact, it’s rather fun experimenting with different surfaces.

The speaker can last up to 15 hours on battery power and can connect to smartphones such as its own Lumia products via NFC (Near Field Communication) or by Bluetooth. As with many of Nokia's products, the MD-12 will come in a variety of colors, such as green, yellow, orange and white.

The speaker will cost 39 euros, or about $54. However, Nokia has yet to announce a release date, By the time the MD-12 comes out, Nokia's Devices and Services division may have been acquired by Microsoft.

Source: Nokia | Image via Nokia

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trip21 said,
Rather they actually unveiled a high end handset. Guess they are holding off until the acquisition.

They introduced the 930, a variation of the Lumia Icon.

elenarie said,
How much more high end do you want than the 930?

How can it be truly high-end if it doesn't come with giant heatsinks and a liquid cooling system? :o

That looks pretty sweet. I'm definitely gonna get one, but will wait until new moneypenny is announced so I can get a matching colour hehe.

Interesting. May have to pick one up. If I can get it in black. I am assuming they will have mutiple colors like the Lumia line.

Edit: Yea, looked at the links. Multi colors so hopefully black is one of them.

Edited by techbeck, Apr 3 2014, 3:13am :

i like the lime color on the new windows phones, if i dont get my hands on a firefox os phone first, im getting a low edin windows phone thats lime colored

i have a high end android, but the design is so bad and the high end windows phones look just as bland, so i wouldnt care if i lose features in favor of lime colored phone