Nokia signing up people to attend Lumia 1020 NYC party Thursday

Are you going to be in the Big Apple this Thursday night and don't have anything planned? Then you might want to head over to Nokia's website ASAP. They are currently taking sign ups from the general public so they can attend a special party to celebrate the reveal of the Nokia Lumia 1020.

The announcement was made on Nokia's Twitter account today, with a link that leads to the actual sign up page. The event will take place somewhere in Midtown Manhattan on Thursday night, from 7:30 to 10 pm. You must be 18 years of age or older to attend the event. You can't just show up at the location that night; you must pre-register beforehand.

There's no word on what Nokia has in mind for the Thursday night event, but we suspect the 41 megapixel Lumia 1020 will be center stage. Nokia is expected to officially reveal its next Windows Phone 8 device earlier that day at a New York City press conference. However, it would appear that much of the phone has already been revealed thanks to tons of Internet leaks. Hopefully, Nokia still has one or two secrets it is keeping in place for Thursday.

Source: Nokia on Twitter | Image via Nokia

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It's a shame that the specs can't even be upgraded because of Windows 8 limitations. They can't even do higher resolution screens.

korupt_one said,
that comes later this year with gdr3 plus on a screen this size it would be completely pointless.

well not entirely, its just that the point here is bragging rights. People (some) like to shake a tech spec list at others while saying ner ner, while something like a 1080 screen on a 4.5" device over a 720 screen is something you'd hardly ever notice (to the point of you would have to try to notice, to notice) it makes some folks feel nice inside because 'technically' its better.

on the quad core side i do see the point, but its more of a forward thinking issue for me than a You'll be able to tell the difference now' point. Faster and better cpu's are what moves app development forward to a large degree but its something that doesn't give instant benefits, must like dual and quad on desktop, the early adopters want it but nothing really exists to take advantage, but as soon as enough are out there and prices come down devs start to pay attention and build for it, so after a while its the norm and advantages exist.

same deal here on the mobile front, main difference though is that android does need it due to the inefficient OS to avoid issues like lagging ui, whereas WP simply doesn't 'Need' it now but will benefit in the future.