Nokia to include free wireless charger with the Lumia 930

Nokia officially announced the Lumia 930 earlier this week, and our quick hands-on impressions showed there was little difference between this smartphone and the Verizon exclusive Lumia Icon in terms of hardware. However, Nokia will be offering an extra accessory with all units of the Lumia 930: a free wireless charger.

The smartphone itself supports wireless charging from inside the hardware, rather than putting in an optional case. Conor Pierce, VP of Nokia UK & Ireland, said at a media briefing this week that the company is trying to push wireless charging as a more convenient option for consumers who buy smartphones.

Of course, Nokia has put in wireless charging hardware in many of its Lumia smartphones since 2012 with the release of the Lumia 920, and many wireless carriers offer bundles of those smartphones with a wireless charger. However, the fact that Nokia will make such an accessory part of the Lumia 930 package could energize (no pun intended) the adoption of that technology in other devices. 

Some markets, carriers and retailers will have even more enticing offers available. Nokia UK, for example, said that it planned to offer a special promotion for those pre-ordering the device there. UK customers who pre-order a Lumia 930 will not only receive a free wireless charger, but will also get a £20 app voucher for the Windows Phone Store and one of Nokia's new MD-12 portable wireless speakers.

Neowin's Andy Weir had the opportunity to try out an MD-12 speaker at the Nokia UK media gathering and came away impressed: 

There are no details yet on when pre-orders will open on the Lumia 930; Nokia UK suggested that it could launch there in late June or early July. It is expected to go on sale later this summer in numerous markets across Europe, Asia, Middle East and India for around $599 before taxes and subsidies. 

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I like the 930, and 5" is what I'm looking for but I paid outright for my 8X and it's still going strong. I'm going to keep using it for quite some time at this point, I'll have to see what they do with WP9 and if these original 8 devices fully support it in the future.

wp9 will be supported cus the wp8 ones needed hardware that the wp7 didnt have along side the change in the kernel to made it incompatible. so youll be phone with wp9 in this. they aint going the same mistake twice.... at least we HOPE they dont haha

Bertch said,
Wasn't glance part of the Amber update? Wouldn't it be on all Lumias?

There's some issue with glance and 1080p AMOLED screens iirc.

It's to bad. Its one of the most awesome-est features to show off by having a Lumia.
My parents got a 625 and they were quite disappointed it had no Glance :p

Great info, thanks for the link. Hopefully they come up with a new way to do it or come out with a similar but higher end phone that has both glance and an sdcard slot.

The battery life improvements that came with Amber/Black make up (and more) for the battery usage of Glance (including backgrounds and double tap to wake).

Also glance saves energy for many people as 9 out of 10 times when you grab your phone from your pocket its to see notifications and/or time.

Which can be seen without waking up the phone and wasting a boat load of precious CPU/GPU cycles.

I can live without microSD, but not Glance. Nokia Glance is fantastic on my 920, so I won't be rushing to replace it anytime soon :(

Ideas Man said,
I can live without microSD, but not Glance. Nokia Glance is fantastic on my 920, so I won't be rushing to replace it anytime soon :(

Since my Blackberry days I've needed the feature. Will not buy a phone without it now.

Brando212 said,
when are these going to be available in the US? I want one

Who knows how long Verizon has exclusivity with the icon, and the 930 is close to the icon really. But the 930 being GSM and all that you should be able to easily import one and use it on AT&T or T-Mobile.

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