Nokia to launch a Windows Phone 8 device by the end of the year

Windows Phone 8 is just around the corner, June specifically, but we already knew this but a little bit of new information, or rumored information, has made its way to an Israeli tech site who is citing a Nokia PR rep who said that Windows Phone 8 devices from Nokia will hit store shelves before year’s end.

In addition, Windows Phone 8 will also have “full support for Hebrew” and the source again re-confirms the June unveiling of the new platform. We have long heard that other vendors will have Windows Phone 8 devices by the end of the year and now we can toss Nokia’s name in to that hat with a bit more confidence.

It should not comes as a surprise that Nokia would be quick to jump on the Windows Phone 8 bandwagon considering they are betting the entire company on the new platform. If you forgot what Windows Phone 8 will encompass, you can take a look here to learn more.

With a Windows Phone developer conference about four weeks away, we should learn a lot more about Microsoft’s second generation of the Windows Phone environment. There has already been a lot of controversy about if current devices will be upgradable to the new OS, but so far, all signs point to no. 

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