Nokia to say “näkemiin” to their Espoo HQ building

We here at Neowin were as unsurprised as everyone, when Nokia finally put paid to the dozens of rumours surrounding their eventual take over by Microsoft, by confirming a deal was in place that Microsoft would be acquiring Nokia’s Devices and Services business back on the 3rd of September.

The, soon to be, new Windows Phone Research and Development hub

Since then, the Internet has been awash chatter like “Nokia's thinking about Android,” and “what’s gonna happen to Nokia as a whole.” It’s the latter example that is now starting to come to fruition, as Nokia’s HQ is to become a Microsoft site for the 32,000 staff members transferring to the Redmond tech behemoth.

According to Finland’s Taloussanmat, Nokia themselves won’t be going very far, moving to a new building - owned by Nokia - in Karaportti. In a statement to TechCrunch, Nokia confirmed the move by writing:

The vast majority of people in the building are working on Devices & Services related activities, so the building will become a Microsoft site. This is still targeted to be finalised in Q1 2014. People who will work for Nokia post-transaction will relocate to a building nearby that Nokia already owns. This building is currently being renovated in Karaportti, this is a campus we have had for many years. Of course, all regulatory approval will have to be in place prior any personnel movement.

Microsoft has chimed in on the developments, stating Finland will become its phone Research and Development hub, once the $7.2 billion deal has gone through the necessary regulatory approvals. When the move started to take shape, Steve Ballmer said there were “no significant plans to shift around the world where work is done. We want it done where it is done today.” Well, why break something that doesn’t need fixing!

All in all, it’s shaping up to be a good move for Nokia (and indeed Finland, who won’t lose the company or the staff), who will focus on services such as its mapping and cloud products. And of course Microsoft, who are acquiring the best out of a decent bunch of well-presented Windows Phone devices.

Source:  WhatTheBit Via: TechCrunch | Image courtesy of PocketNow

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This is "The Nokia House" right?
The Nokia world quarter that they had to sell and rent back.

I think yet another little part of Nokia just died…

MFH said,
This is "The Nokia House" right?
The Nokia world quarter that they had to sell and rent back.

I think yet another little part of Nokia just died…

They did not have to sell and rent back at all. It was a fairly normal and usual business choice as in this day and age companies like Nokia and others have no business being in real estate. Renting is much more economical.

paulheu said,
They did not have to sell and rent back at all.

Thought they had to due to their fiscal problems…

These guys are brilliant on both the software and hardware sides. Hopefully now all the stuff Nokia developed to flesh out the OS itself will now be properly implemented in the settings and such.

you are quite the observer mate
this HQ had been sold and rented because of NOKIAs' fiscal problems since a year or so

however nice trolling with the booting out

Figure 8 Dash said,
Glad to see those guys won't have their life/work disrupted by moving to a different part of the world or country.

Microsoft would know that doing this would most probably lead to mass defections from the Nokia employees they need the most post purchase.