Nokia uses Snapchat to offer Valentine's Day teaser

A few days after Nokia's U.S branch uploaded a video teaser on YouTube, the company is at it again with another rather odd way to alert its fans to something coming in the future. This time, Nokia used its Snapchat account to send out an image which appears to be some kind of puzzle.

The image, which was reported by a Reddit user, has a written question mark and a set of numbers: "63, 0, 87, 0, 14, 02, 2014." Most people might be able to figure out that the final three sets of numbers correspond to Feburary 14th, 2014. The first four sets of figures are more of a mystery, although some have speculated they may be trying to reveal the names to one or more upcoming Lumia smartphones.

We are still awaiting word on when Nokia will officially announced the Verizon Wireless-exclusive Lumia Icon, which has seen images and videos leaked to the Internet for months now. It's more than possible that this Snapchat image is a teaser for that phone. Nokia is also rumored to officially reveal its Nokia X Android phone soon but that announcement is not expected until the World Mobile Congress trade show in late February.

Source: Reddit via WMPoweruser | Image via Nokia

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I'm happy with that too. As long as there is some logical order to it. I've never understood the American way of putting the day in the middle?

Lord Method Man said,
The only correct order for dates is yyyy mm dd.

I agree. ISO 8601 is the only logical standard for date and time formats.

DaveGreen93 said,
I've never understood the American way of putting the day in the middle?

Americans seem to like to be different. Different date formats, different spelling, different measuring system, etc.

Lord Method Man said,

According to the fact that only that format will preserve numerical ordering as dates increase.

That makes a lot of sense actually. I declare we all use the ISO 8601 format!

Let me just fire up the official WP snapchat app, oh wait..... What a stupid company, doesn't even know what apps are on the platform its phones run on.

Uh, what!? They don't use snapchat. WP has something bigger and better than anything the official snapchat app will ever be. It's called 6snap. Look it up if you don't live under a rock. In all their promotions they list it as their 6snap account, never have they mentioned snapchat once. God, how idiotic some people are these days. Trolling for the sake of trolling.

I think it's an official Snapchat app, Nokia wasn't used Instagram until the official app was coming, this could be the case with snapchat

630 and 870 could easily be Lumia Phone numbers.
Wondering if we ever get an official Snapchat client for Windows Phone though.