Nokia won't hold one big Nokia World event in 2012

Every year, Nokia held one big press event and trade show, Nokia World. In 2011, it decided to hold Nokia World in London in late October, where the company officially announced its Lumia line of Windows Phone-based smartphones. Earlier this year, the company announced that Nokia World for 2012 would be held on September 25-26, about a month earlier than the 2011 event. Furthermore, the 2012 edition of Nokia World would be located in Helsinki, Finland, the company's home country.

Today, the company's official blog announced two major changes for Nokia World 2012. One is a new date; it will now be held on September 5-6 in Helsinki. The other change is more important. Nokia announced that instead of holding one big Nokia World convention, it will now hold a series of smaller events.

The company says these new events will be "more intimate" and also catered "with specific audiences in mind. Think less CES, more SXSW." For the first such Nokia World event in Helsinki, it will center around "operator and retail partners" and will be invite only.

Nokia said it will reveal more information, including locations and dates, for the other smaller Nokia World events in the future.

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since it's an invite only for operators and retail, i would presume it's a preview of nokia wp8 devices to generate buzz and interest from operators only

which is inline with the general q4 estimates for public release

And still no official statements about upgradeability of current devices to WP8; it does not look good at all.....................

funkydude said,
So WP8 around 5-6th September I guess?

One can hope Perhaps we'll find out at the Windows Phone Developer Summit in June.

funkydude said,
So WP8 around 5-6th September I guess?

Since it will be a smaller event,compared to past ones, i dont think there will be some major wp8 news.