Nokia working on Treasure Tag, a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled location tracker for your keys

Nokia has been working hard on expanding the Windows Phone ecosystem both in terms of apps as well as accessories. And it seems like the company is will be launching a few new accessories for its Lumia line in the next months including an NFC location-tracking device.

The Treasure tag is an NFC-enabled square that you’ll be able to pair up with your phone and use as a location-tracking device. The Verge reports this new device will use Bluetooth 4.0 to display information about its location. According to a different but unverified source this accessory will also work with other Windows Phone but users will get the best experience on a Lumia.

The whole idea is to fix this small device to something that’s precious to you: your keys, your laptop, your shiny golden Ring of Power. You’ll then be able to keep track of said object by using an app on your Lumia smartphone. You’ll even be able to find your phone by sending a notification from the Treasure Tag back to the phone, but that will only work if you’re in range.

Treasure Tag will come with a six-month battery life but it’s not clear whether the device is rechargeable, the battery is replaceable or you’ll just have to get a new one when it runs out of juice. It's expected to launch in the following weeks once Nokia releases the Amber update for its Lumia line, which brings Bluetooth 4.0 support. There’s no word on pricing but similar devices are in the $25 range so it should probably be close to that.

Source: The Verge, Yahoo | Image via The Verge

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Fritzly said,
I would be happier to see Nokia finally delivering BT4 for my 920....
Pretty sure that's a WP issue. IIRC the 920 range will get BT4 with GDDR2 or w/e.

Shoot I'd buy a couple of these for remotes... with 2 kids and their friends running through the house they get lost every 15 minutes.

yh that is pretty large. I always keep my keys to a minumum and only have attached what I need. It just weighs my pocket down.

I personally like to keep my keyring as small as possible, with as few keys as possible. If the graphic is to scale ... then no way. Too big.

As it is, my damn car keys are big enough. Adding this would just be too much.

Vlad Dudau said,
Well the idea is to stick this device to anything precious, not only keys.
Hmmm... So, then I'd need to put this on something small enough that I might lose it, yet not so big that its not easily lost. I can't think of anything at the moment that I have that's worthy of slapping one of these on.

norseman said,
Remote control
This a thousand times. I hope I can attach it to my remote... damn kids run off with it all the time.

MrHumpty said,
This a thousand times. I hope I can attach it to my remote... damn kids run off with it all the time.

Be aware that Bluetooth range isn't indefinite and can easily get distorted by walls and metals.
Maybe put an elastic rope around it and nail it to the ceiling

You are correct, it is the OS that lacks the stack; the 920 is BT4 certified.
Also Nokia has already announced that BT4 will be added for some models although the 920 was not among the ones confirmed to receive it.
Common sense would make me think that the above mentioned one will receive it as well but......

So while I am waiting and hoping, time will tell.....

I'm getting quite unsatisfied with this 'hoping for updates' with the 920.

Again, please every Lumia (or older Nokia owner) complain at Nokia about Navifirm, it helps not being dependent on carries

I'm almost willing to bet that they would rather use something like City Lense for that, only you could scan the rooms in your home, like your living room, and it would circle around the place where you lost your prrreccciiioouuusss

Sounds good as long as the battery is rechargeable, otherwise, approx. $25 to pay every 6 months isn't something I'd prefer to pay.