Nokia X specs leak, confirm low-end Android

The hardware specifications for the unannounced Android smartphone from Nokia, reportedly known as Nokia X, have been revealed by evleaks, suggesting that the device is headed towards the low-end of the market.

Nokia X aka Normandy is expected to feature a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 4" screen with a WVGA resolution, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory expandable with microSD card, 5 megapixel camera and a 1500MAh battery. It will be available with dual-sim support and with six colour options. The tweet also mentions that the Nokia X will come preloaded with a Nokia Store for apps and will also be able to run sideloaded apps.

Looking at the leaked specs, the Nokia X is likely to be positioned as a low-end device for developing markets where dual-sim and inexpensive Android smartphones are very popular.

The leaks of the Nokia X have been coming in rapidly over the past few months but there hasn't been any official word on the existence of the device or its launch from Nokia yet. Nokia has already sent invites for their press event at the Mobile World Congress 2014 and it would be interesting to see whether this smartphone is launched at the event.

Source: @evleaks

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Interesting, motorola may be bringing out a low end device for as low price as $50. If this phone is £50 or less it will sell very well, it will help recover the Nokia brand. Normally to get a cheap android phone it has to be a chinese brand which some people are wary of even though they are just as good as non-chinese brands. I really hope it comes with android 4.4 considering it only has 512mb ram and that the sourcecode for the rom and kernel is released so we can have cyanogenmod 11 on it. The only thing missing is a flash on the back.

Who's leaking this and why? Who really cares about this non-product? Obviously it's never going to make it to market after the MS purchase.

I understand who the phone is aimed at, but who believes it will get released and supported under the MS umbrella? This is why I'm referring to it as basically vaporware that is a waste of time to talk/think about.

but the sale isn't completed yet and Elop isn't there to say "WTF guys?!??". What I imagine is that there are enough people in the management who are a little sore with this whole situation with MS to let this thing roll on and give MS a **** sandwich to eat when they take over by having to either kill a newly released device that is selling and possibly selling well or have to find a real way to deal with selling a competitors tech.

I imagine they are rushing this out the door and leaking like a mofo all the way just to make everyone talk about this constantly and making the most "exciting new" Nokia device a non MS os device. I think all MS can do is roll with it and try to push as much MS into this so it's all MS services so they can say this isn't them being hamstringed by their ex-partner. I would really like to the sale to get completed so MS can start talking about this because the sale is really hampering MS' ability to communicate on this subject. This device could give MS an ability to change it's overall brand image as the evil empire in a lot of people's eyes by not killing this android device and letting it sink or swim on it's own.

I'm going to imagine it will be locked down and a lot of what excites people in the blogosphere will be null and void. This is a low end crappy phone and if it get's released it will quickly turn into that story.

Still funny how people call this an android phone which it is not, at least not in the sense it is able to run and install Android (store) apps. Calling this an Android phone is the same as calling an Android phone a Linux Phone.

Linux is the kernel, not the entire OS+userspace. Calling an Android phone a "linux phone" is not the whole picture, but it's not entirely inaccurate either.

paulheu said,

Still funny how people call this an android phone which it is not, at least not in the sense it is able to run and install Android (store) apps. Calling this an Android phone is the same as calling an Android phone a Linux Phone.

It might lack the Google Play store but it's built from AOSP and runs the same kind of dalvik apps.
There are lots of custom roms that ship without the Google Play store (you have to manually flash it on your own if you want it) yet all of those are considered Android.

paulheu said,

Still funny how people call this an android phone which it is not, at least not in the sense it is able to run and install Android (store) apps. Calling this an Android phone is the same as calling an Android phone a Linux Phone.

This is entirely incorrect. This is 100% still an Android phone (based on information provided so far). Just because it doesn't come with the Play Store doesn't make it any less Android, it just doesn't have the store app. It even says in the article that you can sideload apps.

Would Windows 8 without the Windows store somehow not be Windows?

korupt_one said,
or any google services, this is a forked version of android completely free of google. and of course loaded with ms services.

AOSP is free of Google services (as they have to be licensed separately and moreover they aren't open source), yet AOSP is still Android (hence the A in AOSP).

I still don't understand why people keep thinking it's an Android phone. Even the screenshots of the UI we've seen have absolutely no similarities with Android, even if it is a re-skin or otherwise modified version of Android.

It's ridiculous. Microsoft bought out Nokia's smartphone business, they certainly will not allow them to start producing Android phones.

The single hardware back button and dual sim support is a clear indication of what Nokia has already been doing - the new Asha line! This is an Asha phone, not a goddamn Android, and I really don't understand why people keep jizzing over this.

The excitement is from those who think android is the "be all, end all" of smartphone OS's, and that any OEM who produces Android smartphones will magically be bursting with so much profit that the shareholders of said company will be able to swim in it like Scrooge McDuck, and that OEM's who do not should fail, go out of business and be ridiculed. It's always the same statements from those fanatics too: "It will sell like hotcakes!", "If "X" makes an android phone i'll buy it in a heartbeat!".

Yet sales and profit for the majority of these companies rarely materialize as most Android fans either swarm to the latest Nexus device or Samsung's latest flagship, while the rest of the general population buy whatever latest free on contract budget android phone available by their carrier. When poor sales are published at the end of the quarter, it's always the same excuse as well by the fanatics: "I would have bought it if it came with (micro sd, or wireless charging, or a bigger/smaller screen, or *obscure feature* rarely used by non geeks)" as the excuse for poor sales.

you are 100% correct, this is an asha phone, they have just replaced s40 with an android fork, but this will be marketed as an asha device, not an android phone.

Wapoz said,
The excitement is from those who think android is the "be all, end all" of smartphone OS's,

I think the excitement comes from those that would love to see Nokia eat crow, probably some of the same that were excited about the N9 back in the day.

Given the info leaked so far, though, I don't see a low end schizophrenic phone with a bastardized UI going anywhere.

What are you buying there, really? An Android phone with a subset of the Android apps? A square-ish WP UI that's not WP?

It looks every time more like retarded specs on purpose to make android look bad, than to cater a low-end market.

I just hope if that is the case, it backfires and they are blamed for not being capable of making a good device.

Heres the thing, Nokia has always been one of the top low end phone manufacturers. Symbian is dead and Android could be considered the new replacement for that. If Nokia where to do this, it would be a good alternative to WP especially if Nokia builds a custom rom with the metro look they showed off. They have already proved they can capture the low end market with WP, and honestly the low end Android market right now isn't great because of the OS fragmentation. Now my guess though is that this phone is something that was built and planned way before the Microsoft merger. So when it comes down to it, the question will be if Microsoft will allow this and if this would be something coming out of what left of Nokia that is not part of Microsoft

If available you want see this phone until the year 2023. Per agreement with Microsoft, Nokia will not be able to enter the phone market until then.

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