Nokia's MixRadio service might be coming to Android and iOS

Yesterday, we heard unfortunate news about Microsoft letting go thousands of employees after its acquisition of Nokia. Furthermore, Microsoft announced that it would be terminating some of its products and services. Although this will most likely be the end for low-end devices with non-Lumia branding, it looks like the MixRadio service will rise out of the ashes, as it will emerge as its own standalone company.

Jyrki Rosenberg, Vice President of Entertainment at Nokia, announced plans of potentially "spinning off" the service to other platforms. The service will continue to come preloaded on Microsoft’s Windows Phone's, but will also have the option to offer its service to other existing platforms. 

According to The Guardian, Rosenberg has been meeting with potential investors from across the globe. He says there is strong interest for the service from the United States, Europe, and Asia. MixRadio is a fairly recent addition to Nokia’s portfolio of services, but it has long been apart of the company in some form or another. It started as Nokia Music Store in 2007, before being rebranded in 2013 as Nokia MixRadio. 

The service is unique, in that it offers for free, commercial-free streaming of hundreds of handcrafted mixes. Nokia MixRadio also offers an incentive to paid subscribers by allowing users to have unlimited skips, higher quality tracks, and the ability to take mixes offline.

Source: The Guardian 

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I use MixRadio as my standard music player. It's significantly better than Xbox Music, and should frankly be used as the standard WP8 music app.

lol literally everything that is free from Redmond's shackles becomes a better product. Way to go, Microsoft. You guys are taking forever to get Xbox Music right, but you let go of these guys from MixRadio because they are deemed as redundancies? I need to facepalm myself so hard right now.

they should spin off xbox music no support for international users, crappy, slow, extremely ugly app on windows phone 8.1 . give me an option to remove xbox music app and i'll remove it immediately. Microsoft extremely Pro in a lot of things but when it comes to making music app they are the worst