Nook tablet holiday sales below Barnes and Noble's expectations

Barnes and Noble will no doubt have been looking forward to roaring sales of its Android-based Nook tablets and eReaders over the 2012 holiday season, but the bookseller admitted today that not enough people were interested in their new hardware products.

The company announced today that while Nook sales "got off to a good start over the Black Friday period", sales then dropped off for the rest of the nine-week holiday period and were below those of 2011. Barnes and Noble did not state how many Nook tablets and eReaders it sold. However, the total amount of revenue it received for the period was $311 million, down 12.6 percent from the same period last year.

The bookseller added, "We are examining the root cause of the December shortfall in sales, and will adjust our strategies accordingly going forward." Barnes and Noble launched two new versions of the Nook tablet earlier in 2012: the seven inch Nook HD and the 8.9 inch Nook HD+.

Today, Barnes and Noble said that revenues for Nook Media, its subsidiary that has a large investment from Microsoft, are expected to total around $3 billion for the current fiscal year.

Source: Barnes and Noble | Image via Barnes and Noble

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I'm not surprised with more exciting tablets out for the holidays like the Surface and the Nexus 7. I gave both as gifts this Christmas and they were well-received. However, for myself, I am looking to update my aging Nook Color, and I will probably be buying a Nook HD+ at some point this year, especially now that they have rooted it. I want a bigger screen for reading my comics. I wish it had a Tegra3 chipset, but you can't have everything. I played with one at Target the other day and it seemed plenty speedy and responsive enough for my needs and you can't beat the price compared to other tablets of the same screen size, plus it looks good and has a sdcard slot.

I bought the original nook when it came out and I am still using it as of date, although I also posses Kindle 3rd gen (keyboard).

However the main disadvantage of nook (and difference compared to Kindle) is, that is virtually impossible to obtain the device outside of US&Canada. One cannot just buy the device from the Home page an ship it to international address. Even if you manage to obtain the device (like I did), you cannnot legaly purchase any book from their store. They just won't accept your credit card if it's international.
The only conclusion is, that they don't wan't our money. It's a shame, because new nook devices are really nice gadgets.

Eh, even if you wanted to, they don't support other languages either from what I can tell, where as the Kindles can be set for many languages, including Russian and such.

Can also be a big factor for those outside the US as well.

Maybe some precense outside of USA would help ?

I don't see why anyone would buy this instead of the Kindle or Nexus in Canada.

I don't have a "normal" TV, do they advertise? I bought a Nexus 10 in December mostly because when I searched for "best tablets" it kept coming up...don't recall ever seeing these...

News to me, I've changed my card within the same account without issue. Like everything else in this 'per user' model, you can't transfer to a different account.


I had my credit card expire (actually, canceled and replaced by bank due to being skimmed) and was able to read books. I wasn't able to buy any books, including ordering free ones, until I entered the new card number. I don't remember if this was on my Nook Color, Nook Tablet or the Nook app on my Nexus 7, though. It might be a different experience for each.


Aryeh Goretsky

I'm not being funny but their UK advert basically was 'don`t have a light on whilst reading in bed that keeps others away, have this nook glow that lights up and doesn`t disturb others instead' (with the light looking like it's blaring out and would still wake up others if you used it)... I didn't want one before the advert but after the advert I couldn't see why anyone would want one.