North American Gothic 3 Gold, In Stores By November 20

Thanks again to Bluesnews for the scoop.

Aspyr Media confirmed today that its highly anticipated PC RPG Gothic 3 will ship on November 13 in North America, ensuring that it lands on store shelves by November 20.

"Obviously, Gothic 3 is an important title for Aspyr, but as a gamer I can't wait for the holiday's best PC RPG to land in stores next month," said Michael Rogers, President and CEO of Aspyr Media. "I can already picture folks across America grabbing a turkey leg, rolling up the sleeves of their snowflake sweaters and gathering the ones they love around the PC hearth to stomp orcs - as a family. After all, that's really what the holidays are all about."

Gothic 3 is rated T for Teen by the ESRB and will carry a SRP of $39.99. To learn more about Gothic 3, and to enter for your chance to win a high-end gaming PC, go to Contest ends November 30.

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From the bat on the installer if you specify a different location from the default installer settings the game will do the install. Doesn't mean it transfers the files over to the folder you chose. Gotta make the folder on that partition then install once more.

All in all the loading times are a pain in the arse. I might slap it on another rig that has some nice scsi drives and lots of ram just to see the effect later on.

If you have less than 1,5GB RAM, don't even THINK of installing... I have 1Gig and it's constantly loading. Painful really

Unfortunately the game has unrealistic requirements. It is incredibly hardware hungry for what it can show on screen. Think of it as Oblivion, without that good graphics and about 400% slower(maybe even more). This game will laugh at You with 7950GTX or x1950XTX.

This is very strange since previous Gothic titles were greatly optimised to run on everything. This one however is awful in that respect.

Gameplay is another thing, but it is greatly impared with lack of performance and instability, even with 1.1 Euro patch.

That sucks that the current version can be considered "gold." Maybe they've done a little more work on it since the latest EU patch and it's better. As far as gameplay goes, I'm really excited about how this is going to turn out. Gothic's style is so fun.

I'm an unquenchable optimist