North Korea creating MMO gold farming hacking army

Having a large number of people go into massively multiplayer games just to farm the in-game gold and game items is something that has been going on for years. Now comes word via the New York Times that the North Korean government might be trying to do the same thing in order to help gain revenues to prop up its poor economy. Authorities in the country's neighbor of South Korea, a center for MMO game development, have arrested "four South Koreans and a Korean-Chinese" last week on charges that they were working with a group of 30 hackers to breach South Korean MMO games.

According to the story, the hacking team created software that went after MMO games such as NCsoft's very popular fantasy MMO Lineage. The result was the accumulation of in-game gold and items that can later be traded and bought for cash at other web sites. The story claims that in two years the group raised $6 million with this effort. Some of the money was forwarded over to North Korea. The story adds, "The North Korean computer experts were each required to send at least $500 a month back to the Pyongyang government."

Technically both North and South Korea are still at war with each other after a over 50 year truce was established after the end of the Korean war. The article says that North Korea, largely isolated from the rest of the world, has been trying new ways to help fund its failing economy.

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Another reason not to buy gold, you're supporting this nut case (and there's no way any of the money is going to feed the people there, it's all going in dear leader's pockets.

Who believe in this BS?.

5 south korean gold farmer, only 2 million and North Korea?.

I get it but, where is the reference to Al qaeda?

Anyways, the famine in North Korea is only the result of the economic blockage.

Magallanes said,
Who believe in this BS?.

5 south korean gold farmer, only 2 million and North Korea?.

I get it but, where is the reference to Al qaeda?

What in the world are you talking about?

Anyone see last years footage the BBC got out? Usual crap where there kidding on everythings fine and all is well with the Great Leader, next thing you know a Tractor pulls up with U.N Aid Organization plainly visible.

Way to go NK your people are living in famine in huge areas, spending is pretty much only on Military and yet all is well.

I got an idea maybe the real reason the west aint allowed in, is because your pompous ass of a leader is too proud and stupid to allow the world to see how disgusting your allowing your people to live.

Hope one of the sons/heirs to this idiocy has the right idea and abolishes the whole damn government.

He really is a modern Hitler, stupid little man

Rather sad when a government has to resort to illegal activities to prop up the economy.
I think the sad part of that is people in north america are giving hard earned money to buy in game gears.