Nostalgia in 3D: Best 3dfx Glide Games

The year was 1998. It was Christmas time and I had just received my very first computer, an AMD K6-2 running at 333 MHz. Little did I know, from that day forward, my life would be changed forever.

One of the first such changes was my focus shift from console games to PC games. Just a few months after owning my computer, I added a Diamond Monster II 3D graphics card based on the 3dfx Voodoo 2 chipset. It was an absolute screamer and took my gaming experience to a whole new level.

Having a specialized API could be arguably said was both the highlight and the downfall for 3dfx. The Glide API when used in conjunction with Voodoo hardware optimized the overall gaming experience and for the few short years that Glide reigned supreme, several games based its 3d implementation in this proprietary API.

If you are old enough, odds are you owned a 3dfx card and played some of these games. Let us take you a trip down memory lane and remember some of the best games ever that used Glide.

Read: A Stroll Down Memory Lane: Best 3dfx Glide Games

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I still have my SLI Diamond Voodoo II set in there box put away. I just have this thing for holding onto old hardware have a couple Voodoo I cards around somewhere to. Looking back on it now 3DFX really did make a real mark on the gaming and PC industry in ways very few thought they would back then. And of course some of there tech still lives in Nvidia.

On the subject of obsolete hardware I ran across a GeForce 7900 GX2 Quad SLI setup I had got with the intention of building a new rig a few years ago along with a Tagan's 900W TurboJet that came in it's own suitcase. That setup was one of the reason I quit buying parts ahead of my build as by the time I got the rest of the money together the GPU's were out of date and I end up getting better one's and never even opened the cards. So now they sit on a shelf along with the rest of my out of date hardware that I keep for what ever reason. I guess after spending so much on some of my hardware I just can't let it go.

My first 3D graphics card was an ATI Rage Pro, and that thing was terrible. I eventually upgraded to a Voodoo 3 3000, which was a great card. I really hated to see 3dfx go out of business.

Carmageddon 2, Croc, Formula 1 '95, Gex 3D, Pandemonium and Unreal Tournament!

Had 2x Voodoo II's in SLI then a Voodoo 3 3000 AGP and finally a Voodoo 5 5500 AGP. Good times.

I never could afford a decent graphics card until I was in college. I remember my brother-in-law having a 3DFX Voodoo card and playing GLQuake on it was mind blowing.

Lots of people who are say 35+ (like me) who remember the 3dfx days. I had a pair of 8MB Voodoo2's running Everquest I back in the day, that was some fun stuff. The crazy menagerie of external cables though was a PITA. Lots of guys rolling old school retro machines for old school gaming. Fun stuffs if you have the time and can acquire the right old hardware.

Speaking of old skool gaming. I grabbed a new Dungeon Keeper update last night, well its KeeperFX, but it plays exactly like the original and under active development.
I also still regulary play Q3 engine games. I dont know, something about that generation just feels much, much better.
The heavy graphics games always feel slower and because of all the graphics, some things are harder to see or make apart. Even with 60fps or higher it always feels more sluggish then Q3 or UT, the first multiplayer FPS's I grew up with.

But the time i spend on UT, GTA1/2, Red Alert/Dune on LAN parties, or at school, computerlab had a gamer that managed it, so these games came preinstalled on every system. Fridays, the only day I didnt mind staying late in school.

I had a Righteous 3D card. You launched your game, heard a "click" as the card kicked in, the screen flickered, 3Dfx logo flashed on screen, and then you were in. Great stuff.

Yep. They pretty much did themselves in when they pulled their card manufacturing in house so the spurned 3rd-party manufacturers had to make their money elsewhere. Nvidia and ATI were only too happy to oblige and shortly after squeezed 3DFX out of the market. To add insult to injury, Nvidia then bought what was left of them.

I remember having two 12meg cards in SLI w/ the Monster 3D for sound. Huge upgrade from my ATI Mach32 and Pro Audio Spectrum 16 soundcard.

UltraHLE was the only reason I ever wished I owned a 3dfx card. At a time when other N64 emulators were barely running simple demos, UltraHLE came out of nowhere and brought actual games running at full speed with nearly perfect graphics. I spent weeks trying to get Glide emulators to work just so I could run UltraHLE and my NVidia card - then eventually wrote a couple of my own N64 video plugins for 1964 and Project64...good times.

I bought a Voodoo3 card myself just for this after the wrappers failed miserably with the crap card I owned- don't remember what it was.

Was using with Quake 3 Arena, along with many people. Q3A was one of the best fast paced games ever, and it had direct support for it. Most of us hard core Q3A folks could not stand the sniper friendly Unreal. Well, at least until CarBall came out, 3rd best PC game ever in my book, and it was a mod! WoW took me shortly after. lol

I owned an original 3DFX Voodoo, and then later a Voodoo3.

I remember playing Screamer, Carmageddon and Unreal with the Voodoo. The textures were so smooth.

I think for me the era of the 3Dfx cards was when I most enjoyed gaming. It was also the time I was LAN gaming a lot with friends and we had some great times with some awesome games.

Particular standouts for me were Carmageddon and GLQuake & Quake II. Lost many, many hours on those especially Carmageddon.

I used to love the little 3Dfx logo that span up when you launched a game

Wipeout Those were the days Also GTAII I think! I had a Voodo 3d, can't remember in specific detail the rest, but either it had 4 or 8 mb of RAM. lol

EverQuest and Half Life with dual 3DFX Voodoo 2 boards.. think there was a King's Quest game in there too somewhere. Fun back in the day when DirectX was a big question mark. Glad MS got their act together with it though.

I still have a pair of Voodoo II cards, I remember how amazing games were on them back then. I also had a PowerVR PCX2 accelerator card before I got those. One of these days I'm going to build a classic gaming PC and put them back in service.

I just threw my Monster 3D box away, but I still have the card! I remember it did not have drivers for XP so it became unused when I upgraded to XP from 98.

Yeah me 2. I still have the 6MB Voodoo Rush card somewhere in another box.

I can't believe they didn't put "Unreal" on that list though...

I've got also problems with XP drivers, but I've found someone on internet who made some drivers based on some linux ones, and with some luck i've combined some of his fiels with latest beta driver and I make it works like a charm.