Notch creates Cliffhorse as a joke, gets rewarded anyway

The creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson, has created a new game called Cliffhorse, and made it available for download online.

Markus, better known as "Notch," developed Cliffhorse in two hours using the Unity game engine and its free assets. He even set up a website to promote the game after gaining initial popularity. According to the website, Notch will be accepting payments in Dogecoin for "early access" to the game, taking a jab at the various early access games which do not guarantee satisfaction but demand money in advance.

The game is for Windows users only and there is no guarantee of it being updated in the future. In a tweet, the Swedish game developer revealed that the game raised "280 000 DOGE" in the first hour of launch, which is equivalent to 100 US dollars.

In a post on Reddit, Markus revealed that he created the game after being inspired from a Skyrim gameplay stream. Although, it was meant to be a minimum effort joke game, Cliffhorse has turned out to be his second commercial release since the launch of Minecraft in 2011.

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Phouchg said,
The Minecraft guy could dump a square brick on a plate and people would still pay for that.

Exactly, he's going to eventually wear out his welcome with the community unless he does something good again. Just like Richard Garriot and Peter Molyneux, once known as great game innovators, now known as douche bag cash grabbers...

Does the game improve upon Skyrim's cliffhorse gameplay? I was a bit disappointed in Skyrim's cliffhorsing. They promised it would be an improvement over Oblivion's cliffhorsing. This certainly wasn't the case. I still couldn't perform a 90 degree horse ride on a vertical cliff.

spy beef said,
How does one make a 3D game in a few hours? How easy is it for the average joe to make a game with Unity?

Don't let Notch fool you, he has had experience working in Unity before. With that said, Unity is pretty simple to do development in IF you have prior experience in game development.

Notch obviously has.