NPD: 52% of U.S. Xbox 360 Owners have bought Halo 3

NPD Group Incorporated is reporting that as of November, 4.1 million Americans have purchased Halo 3, which is equal to 52% of the current 7.9 million Xbox 360 owners in the United States. Super Mario Galaxy, which of course has been out a whole two months shorter, has been purchased by 19% of the 6 million U.S. Wii owners so far. "The power of Halo 3 is quite evident. When it released it drove hardware sales substantially... That is why content is so important - a killer game drives hardware adoption more than any other factor (including price cuts)," said NPD analyst Anita Frazier.

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halo 3 isnt all about the graphics, it is about the gameplay which is amazing.......... if you have followed halo from the beginning, then you just know why its sold so well. Halo is a well planned and accurate shooter, i cant fault the gameplay what so ever, and when you take it online on xbox live, then you really will understand why it is possibly the best game series ever made.

nitroxhotshot said,
then you really will understand why it is possibly the best game series ever made.

Hold your horses. It's certainly not the best FPS/Console franchise ever made. There is much better out there.

Out of the people who bought it I'd be interested to see who traded it in. I did buy it my self. I was hoping to get hooked on the MP. But instead got hooked on TF2 and now back to Warcraft. But it is still shallow as a puddle and over rated by those who grew up with the franchise. I assume a number of us just bought it to see what would happen to the chief.

Halo definitely isn't the best when it comes to graphics and features and all that. It does however have some of the best gameplay. What i consider best and what you want might be totally different so your opinion might be different. Fact is Halo gave FPS a friendlier game than the hardcore ones out there. Surely it's childs play for some people but no doubt it's lots of fun.

I played all 3 of them and i think i bought a console each time with the intention to also play Halo Surely there's other games out there but Halo is always on my mind of list of games to play once i get it.

It's sold so much for many reasons.
When Halo first released, it basically trumped every other FPS on a console. If I remember correctly, people were still stuck in the illusion, back then, that PC gamers were utter nerds sitting in their parents basement or something of that sort.
There is also the factor that the average person will most likely **** up a gaming PC (that isn't expensive for a decent rig) in no time. I'm sure one of you have been asked by a relative or family friend to fix their computer (now imagine them with an 8800GT). This is where the consoles kick in, giving great graphics and such, at a lower price than a PC, and less vulnerable to getting several viruses a day due to negligence(sp?).
While Halo is a pretty generic shooter, and there are many on the 360 that surpass it in many aspects, it'd still have a home on the 360 as one of the first on a console that was actually worth playing (not counting Quake 3 on the Dreamcast, that console was poorly marketed, which drove sales down. Incase anyone's thinking of pointing that out).
Not to mention that the advertising, marketing, moderation of online service, are all factors to think about as to why Halo 3 is so "special".

I'm not so fond of the Halo franchise, myself (I have a decent PC for my FPS games), but it's not hard for me to assume why it's so popular on a console.