Nvidia announces new GeForce 8 GPU for notebook PC

Nvidia has announced a new family of Nvidia GeForce 8 series of graphics processors targeted at the newly evolved notebook PC market. These new GPUs (graphics processing units) help power notebook PCs with their multimedia output.

Initially available in GeForce 8600M and GeForce 8400M versions, the new GPUs' features include Nvidia's PureVideo HD video processing engine for playback of HD-DVD, Blu-ray and HD (high-definition) movies, and Nvidia PowerMizer technology which intelligently balances the user's need for longer battery life and performance, noted the company.The new GeForce 8M series notebook GPUs are the first to support DirectX 10 and are available from PC makers such as HP, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung, and Asustek, added the company

News source: DigiTimes

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I have been waiting for Santa Rosa. It feels dirty to say that, because I'm an AMD fanboy. Unfortunately Intel has the performance crown right now. Not to mention I'm also an nVidia fanboy, and nVidia choose to time the release of their 8xxxm GPUs with that of Santa Rosa. Now that Santa Rosa and the 8000 series mobile GPUs are out, it's time to purchase a new Toshiba laptop. I just read that the Satellites will also be getting the 8600s as well, so I can hopefully avoid the bloated Qosmio G40/G45. Thanks anyway Toshiba, but you can keep your HDDVD burner. As the great Doctor Egon Spengler once said, "Print is dead." If HDDVD and BluRay are the best the industry has to offer, I say optical media is dead. BluRay and HDDVD can go suck a bug. Gimmie that HVD!


I always wanted a laptop, but whenever I had the funds - I always spent them on something else.. perhaps I really should get a Laptop now.

Since Laptops theoretically have a PCIe interface and it is theoretically possible to upgrade.....

Fingers crossed ;-)

Yes! Now - you too - can experience the tragedy that is the nVidia forceware drivers - whilst on the move!!!

Oh.. Joy.

Don't worry guys. dangel was just defining the word "as*hole" for us through an example of action. Or... is he one?