Nvidia backtracks to authorize native SLI on X58

Nvidia will authorize native SLI support on Intel X58 motherboards without the need for its nForce 200 chip, according to Tom Peterson, director of Technical Marketing for MCP products at Nvidia. Peterson detailed that the company's partners will need to certify their X58 motherboards through Nvidia and, after certification, will receive an approval key to place in the system BIOS. Nvidia's drivers will check for the approval key and the device ID of the chipset before determining whether to enable SLI support on the system.

Nvidia will charge motherboard makers for certification, but the price will be cheaper than that for its nForce 200 chip, costing around US$30, which until recently Nvidia insisted was required to enable SLI on motherboards not using its own chipsets. Peterson also noted that Nvidia will continue to support the nForce 200 solution.

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The X58 "is" an Intel chipset. And you "can" get SLI on it if the board gets certified. All the certification does is get a key put in the Bios which the drivers look for to enable SLI on the board. There's no nvidia hardware necessary for this (except the graphics cards of course).

So it's like a safegaurd, not a lock down?

That's what they want you to think. In reality it would mean other manufacturers could offer cheap SLI boards without nVidia getting a penny.

And let the BIOS hacks commence!

This is great news though, finally I can use SLI on an Intel chipset! (when its out)

The more I hear about this sort of rubbish-- and that's exactly what it is-- the less I want to favour multi-GPU technology.

Are they not here formally saying "There's no hardware reason X58, or for that matter, 790GX or ULI M1695, couldn't do SLI except that we demand a tribute?"

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