NVIDIA demos Windows 7 multitasking, launch details

Electonista has revealed some details about NVIDIA's upcoming Ion platform, after a press release held in Taiwan today. The Ion, which integrates the GeForce 9400M with Atom processors, will be released in spring this year. Contrary to belief, it will be available in a "very small, affordable" desktop computer, instead of a netbook or other portable device.

Interestingly, the aforementioned desktop (the manufacturer of this hasn't been revealed) will be around the $299 mark, however that's for the extremely barebones models, and there will be higher priced ones with components such as optical drives included. The Ion will be a strong competitor for Intel's just released GN40 chipset, as NVIDIA's offering will be up to 5 times faster, whilst retaining the GN40's battery life. Additionally, it can smoothly play most modern games and decode 1080p video without problems.

There are a couple companies interested in the Ion, including Apple which is rumored to be building an Ion based Mac mini. Lastly, NVIDIA has obtained Windows Hardware Quality Labs certification from Microsoft, giving the Ion complete compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7, when it's released

Check out this video of the Ion being demonstrated by NVIDIA's Drew Henry:

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Waw, you can see that recestion is hitting the market... I mean, what a weak press conf is that...
It seems like they didn't really prepare for this presentation at all, the guy talking is giving the guy behind the keyboard instructions what to do all the time. For now WD TV HD Media Player

I went to one of the Real Estate seminar and there was two pupils sitting there watching instructed videos instead of a live instructors.

Hopefullly i can buy this to build one HTPC for the living room...

It would be great to have notebooks whit this chipset to allow gaming (to a certain extent) along with long battery life.

Let me get this straight... they are developing technology for Windows 7 yet they didn't do **** all for Vista on its release??

I remember when Vista was released there were so many problems with NVidia drivers that it was the main cause of Vista bashing. ATI was on the ball but all the NVidia users were ignored and they blamed Microsoft.

It's called "learning their lesson" ... plus the graphics architecture in Windows 7 is very similar to Vista. The difference between XP and Vista was huge and is almost like going from 98 to 2000.

Anyone else notice that he said "We are excited to have the ION platform out on Windows 7 out on the marketplace later this year". Is that a hint that Windows 7 will be out this year????

huddy said,
Anyone else notice that he said "We are excited to have the ION platform out on Windows 7 out on the marketplace later this year". Is that a hint that Windows 7 will be out this year????

I think it's pretty widely know 7 will ship around or right after August.

laaaaaaag. And I dont buy it. Soon they will sell (me??) the air saying that windows 7 improves my breath makeing (me??) a multitask person.
Try with something different and fresh.

I buy it. I have Windows 7 installed on my daughter's MSI Wind netbook and it performs absolutely spectacularly, even with only 1GB of RAM. The only thing holding it back from gaming is lack of a decent video card, which the Ion platform will provide. I was thinking about getting an Asus eeePC for myself just to mess around with, but now I think I'll wait till this comes out.

Sorry, ThePitt, but it does work that well. Any modern GPU can decode MP4 in realtime with no CPU use. In fact Guru3d.com just posted an article on that today. Windows 7 handles this just fine, no problemo.

But no, it won't help you breathe better. 8P

Powerful little thing. Most likely I'll get one for downstairs, attach an external hard drive to it so I can record TV programs etc!

That looks pretty cool but why not release a mobile device using this? Seems like the perfect thing to use as a low power, high performance chip. I for one will be more than satisfied with having a laptop with such powerful CPU/GPU that can also run for 3 - 4+ hours on battery.

I can definitely see this being a hit for HTPC/Media Center PC's as well. And at this price point... damn.

Wow, i wonder how much the version they were demonstrating here is.
Are the models >$299 purely with more peripherals added, or is it faster ram, faster cpu options etc