Nvidia denies it is to launch own-brand motherboards

With Nvidia pushing the "Designed by Nvidia" scheme to market, it shows that the company has the engineering capability to design motherboards. Because of this, sources at graphics card makers believe that Nvidia will launch an own-brand motherboard business in the near future. However, a spokesperson for Nvidia has denied the speculation.

Under the "Designed by Nvidia" scheme, Nvidia provides partners with hardware designs based on Nvidia chipsets and components which motherboard makers can use to bring products to market. Software, development and distribution, including BIOS and drivers, is also handled by Nvidia. The aim of the scheme is to enable Nvidia and its partners to reduce time to market and increase volumes, explained the Nvidia spokesperson. Additionally, it is believed that the program will help optimize performance of Nvidia-based hardware. "Designed by Nvidia" allows Nvidia to achieve its targets for volume and market share without the need for to the company to venture into own-brand manufacturing, the spokesperson reiterated.

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Nvidia design bad mother boards, nforce 4 was the worst seires I've ever dealt with worst drivers ever. I hope they don't launch or come up with alot better drivers for the stuff they bring out. A bit like the 8800 which is supposed to be DX10 yet the SLi doesn't work on vista yet rather slow at drivers.

You obviously didn't read the article, or at least not well. nVidia doesn't have it's own brand motherboard, they have designed them, but they don't have a brand. So they can still take the Apple route.

"However, a spokesperson for Nvidia has denied the speculation."

Hmmm... AMD and ATI both denied that AMD was going to acquire ATI. Dell and Alienware denied that Dell was going to acquire Alienware. It is all part of business to deny until you're actually ready to do it.

I don't understand why companies just don't take the Apple approach. Say absolutely nothing until you're ready. That way no one knows yay or nay if you are going to do something.