nVidia Forceware 93.71 Official

nVidia has just posted a new set of official Forceware drivers to their site. The 93.71 release is WHQL certified and works with all cards >= GeForce2 MX

Download: Forceware 93.71 (32-bit W2K/XP)
View: Release Notes

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GRR i'm getting really tired with the fact Nvidia can't make decent drivers..
What about being able to watch a video with tv-out without it stretching out (and not have to set it manually each time)?
Or a driver that doesnt't flip your full screen device (monitor <-> tv) when playing 2 video's at once..?

This release breaks force tv detection for me.
The setup where it fails is, single display 720p via component.
My Denon AV receiver(avr-3805) doesn't give a high enough resistance for the card to detect the connection so a forcful detection is required. That's all good and has always worked for every other driver.. This release whenever the screen mode changes even, it'll detect no display, and just to note the screen mode changes at boot.
I dont know if the force tv detection is more broken than what I have found, but keep this in mind if you know you require force tv detection.

These drivers mess my TV display!
Im using a 720p hdtv, and having problems with these drivers, the picture keeps going blank and
then reappearing this happens about once every 5sec's! It started happening after my first reboot!
I have now gone back to the 91.47 drivers and they are working perfectly!