NVIDIA ForceWare v162.22 WHQL

There is a new Windows Vista WHQL driver release available to download from NVIDIA, v162.22. This is a new driver which will support GeForce 6, 7, and 8 series graphics boards; it does not support GeForce Go mobile GPUs. Please continue to check with your notebook manufacturer for a new driver for GeForce Go GPUs. GeForce FX users should continue to use the v96.85 driver.

New Features

  • WHQL Certified driver for GeForce 6, 7, and 8 series GPUs.
  • Improved compatibility for Lost Planet.
  • Adds support for "Resize the HDTV Desktop" underscan mode when outputting in an HDTV mode.
  • Numerous game and application compatibility fixes.
  • Please read the release notes for more information on product support, feature limitations, driver fixes and known compatibility issues.
Download: NVIDIA ForceWare v162.22 WHQL Vista x86 & x64
Download: NVIDIA ForceWare v162.22 WHQL XP/2000 x86 & x64

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Persoanlly, I can't stand Nvidia. Reminds me to much of that bloatware program Nero!!

I'll take ATI anyday or, if you can believe this, I'll take integrated video over Nvidia, just about anyday too. Not a gamer at all, in case you couldn't tell.

But, then, out of 7 systems I have, only 1 has ATI, 4 have Nvidia and 1 has integrated.

I don't seem to see any performance increases with these. Still a lot of games lag, where they ran fine on XP. The issue with Silent Hill 3 dropping down to 5 FPS in the options menu and inventory doesn't seem to be solved yet, however ingame gameplay in SH3 is superb.

7600gt on vista here. I installed this driver and now I can't rotate to portrait view now!!??!?! WHA?!

Yay they added overscan compensation. I tried the beta 162 drivers because my 94.24 was giving me BSODs since I went from dual channel ram to single channel, and the beta 162 didn't have overscan comensation. I was forced to go back to 94 and not play the couple games that BSODed just so I could have underscan.

Thank you Nvidia!

oh it's the driver / hardware when it comes to the 8800 series. there is a rumour that nvidia are abandoning dx10 support fot it because of hardware issues that they can't solve through drivers....

I guess its the price for being bleeding edge.

It "was" actually posted by one of the mods on Nvidia's own forum..the forum for discussing beta issues that they took down completely / selectively removed threads because it was getting nasty and because of a potential class action suit..

"Nvidia is facing a class action lawsuit for false advertising by not providing stable working drivers for Vista. Nvidia has been accused of closing threads on Nvidia's forum and banning users that request a response from Nvidia, post that their Nvidia hardware does not work under Vista, post that Nvidia software does not work under Vista, post that Nvidia is guilty of false advertising, or threaten to sue Nvidia. Several disgruntled users have set up their own site for discussing their legal options."

So unfortunately, I can't point you to a direct source but suffice it to say six months after the official consumer release of Vista, even longer for commercial, and stupid time since the last beta, they still don't have drivers that work properly.. and the next card is coming out when?

link to page for comments now....


This page has been under construction now for months lol.

It's not the drivers, it's that creepy OS the call Vista that is the problem.
Just hold on a bit longer, they will release SP1 in 2009.

You should know what you're talking about before posting.

Vista SP1 will be out later this year. Early 2008 at the latest. Most of the people I know running Vista have had no issues with it. Now when it first came out there were driver support issues that weren't any fault of Microsoft and yes, that made a lot of people hate it. Since then though, a lot more drivers have come out. Yes, there is still some driver support issues, but that's all on the companies that make the drivers, not Microsoft.

I'm nowhere near a fanboy of Microsoft - I use XP/Vista and Linux - and I find the constant bashing of Vista more than annoying. Most of the complainers are people who installed it and didn't have all their drivers and uninstalled it after one day and most likely didn't even try searching the internet for Vista drivers.

NightmarE D said,
You should know what you're talking about before posting.

Vista SP1 will be out later this year. Early 2008 at the latest.

Got a source for that?
Maybe YOU should know what your talking about first, with facts to back you up.

Nvidia better hire some better experienced programmers if they want to manage to salvage their market share going into the toilet. Every Nvidia driver I have tested on my Vista Ultimate box is not consistant, some drivers allow some functions to work albeit not as good as they should work. Some drivers have caused bluescreens and I have been beta testing Vista since before beta 1. I have a Nvidia 6200 256 AGP video card and if vista needs more to draw it's GUI than that I am goin back to XP. Seems like the beta versions of Vista were faster albeit it was not ready for prime time. I am a Vista evangelist, but even I have my limits as to what I am whiling to put up with. Cmmon Nvidia get your Aces movin and get me some drivers that are working and push this card to it's max. I am running the 32 bit version of Vista and I have 2GB of ram with a P4 3.0 GHz with HT.

Tekmaven said,
You have a low end card from three generations ago, and you're screaming? Get real.

He might have the PNY version that they re-released. I have the same card, but it works fine in Vista for me.

PNY released a GeForce 6200 with 256mb's ram and gave it support for OpenGL 2.0 and Shader Model 3.0 and made it Vista Ready. I believe they just did the same thing with another older card in the 7XXX series. Older cards updated to support recent technology, but keeping the price low. I only paid $60.00 for mine and it's run any game I've thrown at it in XP and Vista.

The only issues I've ever had are the recent XP drivers coming out. I get a hard crash during boot. These drivers still do that. I'm stuck using the 94.24 set of drivers until they figure that out.