Nvidia Introduces Enthusiast System Architecture

Today, with the coming introduction of the NVIDIA 780i chipset, NVIDIA is looking to make serious changes to what is possible with enthusiast systems by launching a new technology platform. The name of the new standard is ESA - Enthusiast System Architecture. Its goal is to provide information and control to enthusiasts not just for NVIDIA motherboards and video cards, but to provide that information and control for many other components in an ESA-enabled system.

ESA monitoring and control will extend to processors, motherboards, video cards, cooling hardware, and power supplies. This is not necessarily everything ESA can monitor and control, but it is a starting point. In theory, any component could implement ESA and potentially be controlled by ESA. ESA hardware and the software to monitor/manage it will not be available for a few weeks, but NVIDIA has chosen today to allow editors to start talking about the ESA specification. This means a closer look at what ESA really is, how it works, who has signed on to provide ESA components, and how this will all work in providing the enthusiast unprecedented control of their computer system.

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Link: What is ESA? | How ESA Works

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They promise so much but deliver so little. I'm not a hater I love my 7600GT but the fact that they promise all these new features all at once without really perfecting the drivers for them will not get them much benefit. They should already be working on PCI-E 2.0 Bridges to be futureproof. I'd say that the 8 series was meant to be a bit of a failure like the FX line albeit they introduced DX10 in them. I haven't much clue about the chipsets but they should both have decent drivers to deliver what is rumored now.

Read the article before asking questions. This is an open standard that Nvidia has developed. Any hardware manufacturer is free to add this functionality to their hardware, including AMD and Intel.

Then a new OS will be released and they won't update there chipset drives like everyone else, and they will force you go out and buy a new board. Go screw yourself Nvidia!

C0ncrete said,

Pity the board is looking so so from early indications :(

Board? What board? We're talking about a new feature that will ship with the 780i chipset, not a motherboard.

Croquant said,

Board? What board? We're talking about a new feature that will ship with the 780i chipset, not a motherboard.

The 780i chipset is a rehashed 680i with an additional external PCI-E chip that will give the board 3 full x16 PCI-E slots. so thats why he stated pity.