NVIDIA launches 'Portal,' 'Half-Life 2' for its Shield handheld

Last week, online reports claimed that NVIDIA would launch its previously announced "Portal" Android port for its Shield handheld this week. There were also hints that a similar port for another Valve-developed game, "Half-Life 2," was in the works. Today, NVIDIA offered Shield owners a nice surprise as both games are now available to buy and download for their Tegra 4-based device

NVIDIA actually handled the Android ports of both games themselves, which can be downloaded right now for $9.99 each via Google Play. In a statement, Valve PR head Doug Lombardi said "fans of both franchises can expect the same gameplay they’ve come to love on the PC." NVIDIA has not offered any word on if its Android versions of "Portal" or "Half-Life 2" will be released for other Tegra 4-based smartphones or tablets.

NVIDIA first launched the Shield console in the summer of 2013 and in March it announced it had reduced its price down to $199 for a "limited time." Today's press release says that the price is still at that level, but again for a "limited time." NVIDIA has not indicated any time frame for when that price cut will be ended.

Source: NVIDIA

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I find it hard to believe if they never consider porting to iOS. Valve will generate more revenue than making it exclusive to shield which is one of the terrible method to sell the game of the year.

The game is 10 years old and valve didn't even do the port. If I had to guess I'd say valve let them port it over as payment for nvidia adding in home streaming to steam.

I wonder if saves are synced between the Shield version and the PC Steam/Nvidia Shield GTX streamed versions?

Unlikely, external ports are a good indication with Valve that no one was interested in doing the work.

Even after Sony opened up the PS3 to "bribe" Valve to bring Portal 2, they still completely ignored the existence of EA's PS3 port of the Orange Box.