Nvidia Q3 2013 financial results; numbers up but still below previous years

Nvidia has announced its financial result for Q3 of 2014, our regular Q3 of 2013, and while the numbers aren’t stellar the company is obviously headed in the right direction.

Nvidia is reporting a total of $1.054 billion in earning which is a 7.9% increase compared to the previous quarter’s $977.2 million. However, if we take a look at the year-over-year numbers we see that despite the recent gains this is still 12.5% less than during the same period of 2012.

Net income was also up, at $118.7 million compared to only $96 million for the previous quarter but, again, this is still substantially lower compared, 43.2% lower to be precise, compared to last year’s corresponding quarter.

The company believes some of the recent gains can be attributed to this quarter’s accomplishments. During Q3 Nvidia has started shipping its latest Tegra 4 chips, it has launched a new flagship gaming GPU, the GTX 780 Ti alongside “the world’s most powerful workstation graphics card , the Quadro K6000. It has also introduced G-SYNC that synchronizes the GPU with the display for better appeareance.

Nvidia also has a positive outlook for this current quarter with revenue expected to increase slightly but we’ll have to wait and see how the company fares through the holiday season.

Source: Nvidia via: Slashgear | Image via Nvidia

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I doubt that the 780Ti numbers will be on the books yet, given that it was released only yesterday.

IANACEO, but I think Nvidia could fare a lot better if they dropped their prices. The prices of their top end cards are, frankly, obscene. $800 for a Titan, okay it's a cheap compute card rather than a gaming card, but $700 for a 780Ti, come on... Especially given the pumelling that they're getting from AMD in terms of price/performance ratio.

On a personal level, i flat out dislike Nvidia for many reason. They think majority of consumer is a bozo and those who buy their product deserve to get raped by nvidia.

The titan gpu is a great example of how greedy nvidia has become. AMD is always the best in terms of price:performance ratio. Glad the next generation console have nothing to do with nvidia.

In fact, the gtx 780ti is just minor increase clock speed and bandwidth over R9 290 and they decided to price more than $200 over AMD flagship GPU and it isn't any much different in FPS. If the gap in gaming is more than 30 fps then the price will be no doubt worth it and nvidia think they are that much better. Don't let them fool you folks. WAKEUP!

I don't like Nvidia, Had a few GFX cards in the past and all of them have over-heated on my all the time
Went to ATI, It seems that they don't have a heat problem at all ...maybe its just me

That's what happens when you overprice everything in a crap economy.

Nvidia, come down to Earth on your ****ing prices and watch your sales and profits rise up again.

The AMD R9 290 and 290X are putting some serious butthurt on Nvidia, if the hardware sites are any indicator. I've heard a lot of Titan owners crying over their now overpriced cards.

That is nVidia's biggest issue - overrpriced in the PC market. Tegra as it good as it gets in the device GPU market (and not just in Android), and their midrange GPUs are solid performers and have better bang for buck than AMD (and I'm a longtime AMD, and ATI before that, GPU owner); however, the enthusiast end is where nV's pricing makes zero sense - and not alone due to Titan/GTX780. Heck, look at the price/performance of GTX760 compared NOT to AMD R9 280x (which it loses to) but to nV's own GTX660 (let alone GTX660Ti) - which it ALSO loses to. If you aren't so hung up on e-peen, I'd buy GTX660 - despite that it's not a hyperclocker, even with fancier cooling such as ACX - for two reasons; it's an ideal upgrade from 1 GB GPUs (fits in the same space, and uses no more power, and it costs sub-$200USD) and it can STILL do 1080p gaming tag-teamed with any Intel quad-core from Nehalem up (in the case of games older than BF3, from Q6600 up) - in other words, long term value.

I think another problem that's hitting there sales are, that there drivers have been rubbish for the last couple of updates... You just have to look around at the many forums to see that a lot of people have been having issues with them. I like many look online before I buy a graphics card etc... so if I see a lot of problems with a product I just won't buy it. In fact I've had a lot of problems with the latest NVIDIA drivers, so I gave up bought a AMD. Which was cheaper than the equivalent NVIDA card and better cooled, and silent.

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