Nvidia Readies GeForce 8800 for $299 - $349 – Rumour

In a bid to increase pressure on arch-rival ATI, a division of Advanced Micro Devices, Nvidia Corp. reportedly prepares a more affordable version of its GeForce 8800 graphics card. The novelty, on the other hand, will attack not only ATI Radeon offerings, but also Nvidia's GeForce 7900-series graphics cards.

The cheaper GeForce 8800 GTS will come with 320MB of memory, half of the fully-fledged GeForce 8800 GTS, which comes with 640MB of GDDR3. Nonetheless, all the other distinctive features of the product, such as 320-bit memory bus, 500MHz clock-speed, 96 stream processors at 1200MHz , 24 texture mapping units and 20 raster operation units will remain in the place, thus, only an insignificant drop in performance should be expected.

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News source: Xbit Labs

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woot lol. Should mean around £200-£250 over here. (which is the bounday I put myself which I'm not going to spend any more for a gfx card lol).

I now have 2 choices for a new computer (which I badly need). See how this XG station from Asus preforms (if you haven't seen it, its basically a housing for PCI-e gfx cards and connecting them to a laptop). However, it is via expresscard, so it could be bottlebnecked pretty badly. But if its ok, get that, a lappy and one of these.
If the XG station does hamper preformance of cards too much, I'll build myself a new PC lol (since atm, I have an AGP based PC)

There really isn't much need for more than 320MB for current or upcoming generations of games anyway. The kind of applications that might actually need more (intensive CAD for example) would not be using graphics cards designed for gaming in the first place.

Great idea! Keep pushing out new 8800 models instead of releasing drivers that woks with Vista! In my book, and in the one of my company, NVidia is gone. In the future ATI only.

considering this is a consumer level card, and consumer versions of vista are almost 20 days away, I say give them til the 30th. If there's nothing then, well then will be the time to complain. nVidia are almost always months ahead of ATI's releases and its usually neck and neck. That and I like the nVidia drivers more. Its going to be hard to write off nVidia with them working so hard on keeping the race going.