Nvidia Readies New "Ultimate" Technology for Gamers

Nvidia Corporation not only plans to refresh its lineup of performance graphics accelerators this year, but also intends to introduce its 3-way SLI multi-GPU technology, which is apparently Nvidia's new "ultimate gaming platform". Initially Nvidia plans to enable triple SLI support for the top-of-the-range GeForce 8800 GTX and Ultra graphics cards, but eventually it may support 3-way configurations of other GPUs as well. Systems with three graphics cores will be powered by Nvidia nForce 680i as well as nForce 780i platforms with the former supporting PCI Express 1.1/1.0a, whereas the latter featuring PCI Express 2.0 along with a special "BR04" switch for more efficient multi-GPU operation.

The exact feature set of 3-way SLI platforms as well as performance boosts over single- or dual-GPU configurations will mostly depend on driver support. Back in 2006, when Nvidia unveiled its 4-way SLI technology, actual systems featuring four GPUs could not offer leading performance in all games due to poor drivers. Currently quad SLI technology is not supported for Windows Vista and customers who paid over $1000 for graphics cards alone have to take advantage of only two GPUs instead of four.

News source: Xbit Laboratories

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Personally I would just prefer to see more games take advantage of two monitors rather than all that power dedicated to a single screen.

Examples include:
WOW with all the tool bars dedicated to one screen and game play to the other
C&C or the like with defensive base on one screen and offensive attacks on the other

etc and so on.

ZombieFly said,
direct x10 supports multimonitor, expect future vista games to start using it very soon.

So does DX 9. Just not in SLI (and no, DX10 SLI does not support more than one monitor either.)

2x SLI doesn't even work well... You'd think you'd get an uber system with SLI'd high end Geforce 8's and DX10 on Vista, but actually you don't, because you'll run into all sorts of driver trouble before. If it's not about SLI itself, it's about DX10, and if it's not about DX10, it's about some weird Vista issue.

This just dumb and wasteful. AMD and Intel put so much work into lowering power consumption in their processors, then nvidia comes out with this triple and quad stuff that just completely destroys any savings.

AMD/ATI calls their 3 card setup Tri-Fire .. the video is on youtube. It's a demo given by Henri Richard before she left the company. She opens the case to show the monster Phenom cooler and 3 2900XT's all snug and tight >.<

Wow, imagine 3 of those, with Ageia PhysX, with 8GB DDR3 RAM, with a Solid State Drive, plus Intel Quad Core OC

And then imagine how many weeks most of us would have to go without food to buy it

I guess if I went out and bought that tommorow, it would be a low-end PC within 5 years.

5 years ago, Windows XP was all the rage and Pentium 4's were just getting warmed up as a platform.
The GeForce FX was just set to replace the GeForce 4, 80 GB drives were normal, and 512 MB on board memory.

5 years later, we're 3 revisions further in NVIDIA's series, new drives are often at least 4x the size, and we commonly have 4x as much RAM.

Extrapolating that into the future would mean 8 GB RAM computers in 2012, several generations ahead in graphics, nearly 2 TB drives, and something like at least quad core CPU's being the mainstream, eight core for the high end.

I don't think he's that optimistic to be honest.

It's not a piece of gaming... it's just luxurious, expensive stuff. In 5 years, what we know as a 3-SLi 8800GTX will be garbage compared to a single video card with an average cost.

Azmodan said,
It's not a piece of gaming... it's just luxurious, expensive stuff. In 5 years, what we know as a 3-SLi 8800GTX will be garbage compared to a single video card with an average cost.

Make that 2 years time