Nvidia Reportedly Seeks to Take Over Via Technologies

Nvidia Corp., the world's largest developer of graphics processing units (GPUs), may be interested in acquisition of Via Technologies, a minor developer of x86 central processing units and core-logic sets, Taiwan-based press has reported. Given that Nvidia already has chipset business unit, the only product family in which Nvidia may be interested in is x86 chips by Via.

A news-story at DigiTimes web-site claims that Nvidia and Via had discussed three possible scenarios, including a strategic alliance, acquisition of Via's processor division, or the acquisition of the entire company. The parties have not reached any agreement so far, but the negotiations may be re-opened up soon as financial situation for Via is not showing any signs of improvement, whereas Nvidia may truly need its own x86 platform to broaden market segments it could address.

View: The full story @ Xbit-Labs

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I think one day you will be able to buy a combo CPU/GPU on the same chip. Different versions will allow you to chose the best combo.

I think you're exactly correct. The shift is going to be moving the GPU to the same package as the CPU so the both have direct access to cache. It's going to be a great shift for performance. A change long overdue.

They might want to step back and take a look at AMD, the purchase of ATI didn't exactly turn out to be the greatest idea of all time.

(Skyfrog said @ #19)
They might want to step back and take a look at AMD, the purchase of ATI didn't exactly turn out to be the greatest idea of all time.

yeah but Via isn't as nearly as worth as ati

Nvidia + Via = I dont think I would ever buy a Nvidia prduct again

I have ran across at least 100 different motherboards Via chipsets from different manufactures over the last year that the capacitors were blown out or leaking not one with a Intel Chipset.

Not sure if it is the chipset or the motherboard manufactures using cheap capacitors but its enough to leave a bad taste in my mouth for a long time

All I see is the selection getting smaller...and the selection is getting smaller which means... fewer companies in the playing field.. and costs going up and quality going down. The software playing field is kinda limited,, now hardwares going the same route.

(Digix said @ #15)
nvidia C7 awesome gonna play crysis on that.... yeah right.

actually it'll be called more like this nVidiaVia C4 the worlds first GCPU load her up and watch while it blows (a hole in your floor cieling wall the next door neighbors cat/dog oh and the clothes off that hottie that keeps walkin past :P ) LOL :nuts:

Very very interesting. I've never had a problem with any of VIA's chipsets. I still get updates for some of the components on windows update and the motherboard is over 4 years old!
It would be very interesting to see Nvidia capable of maknig a full system without pairing with Intel or AMD.

I think it's inevitable that they have to do this, though. AMD and ATI are one, so in the near future nvidia could be locked out of AMD systems. With Intel announcing discrete chips, the same could happen there and then nVidia is buggered.

Nvidia dominates the graphics industry, having a third player in the CPU industry would be great for competition and I'm sure nVidia and VIA's teams working together could make some really kickass stuff.
Low power graphics cards, high-performance processors? Who knows what the future holds.

AMD locking Nvidia out of their chips would be a foolhardy decision, if they did that and continued to run in second place as a graphics card manufacturer, the shareholders would flee like rats on a sinking ship.

I do like the idea of having Nvidia giving VIA some muscle though. VIA to me has always just sat in the background of the CPU market filling a niche, if they did work with (or as a part of) Nvidia, they could play very well with the big boys, especially where power is becoming a factor.

Hopefully VIA + Nvidia could = Low power GPUs as well, the one thing that has always irritated me about NV and ATI is that they care not for power usage, which means that every time you upgrade your graphics card, your looking around for PSUs as well

i think what we will see next is a migration of the GPU to the mobo, with dedicated ram slots for graphics memory and dedicated slots for system memory. then perhaps a few more years down the road they will migrate and go to a sort of shared system if system memory becomes commonly up to par with the graphics memory.

Via makes some great low powered x86 chips. There also still a very big player in motherboard chipset market.
This would be a good fit for Nvidia looking to expand there horizon I think.

The could also start cross licensing there technology vs yea old merger / take over as well.

Intel buys Nvidia, IntelNvidaVia lolol maybe with the low power VIA cpus onboard a GPU card would make a good physics co-host processor?

Granted, Intel's graphics have not been in the same class as either ATI or nVidia; however, Intel's low-end (usually onboard/notebook) graphics division has made Intel quite a bit of coin over the years (as this was a market largely forsaken by ATI and nVidia). However, I see nVidia's interest in VIA as not necessarily a back-door into CPU production (as that isn't really a major thrust for even VIA), but a way to increase market share in embedded and mobile devices (and other low-power devices, such as UMPCs). There, VIA's only large-scale competition is Intel (and even Intel is a latecomer; traditionally, other than VIA, the low-power area has been ruled by various proprietary/single-purpose chipsets).

yeah but intel has the resources to do both well, you would think. well... on that note im sure nvidia isnt exactly slacking in the income department.

Essentially Nvidia's going to be like Intel, but only the contrary; instead of crappy graphics and excellent processors it'll be crappy processors and excellent graphics!

This would really put the ATi aquisition by AMD into perspective. VIA might be able to help nVidia make ultra low power GPU's. Or as david13lt said, nVidia making CPU's would be really interesting. Especially as they moved away from Intel Chipsets on motherboards by creating their own.


It would be neat to see an all ATI system with ATI/AMD chipset, CPU and video versus an all NVidia system with NVidia chipset, CPU, and video.