Nvidia reveals new mobile graphics chips and wired 3D Vision glasses

It's already the start of a new work week in Taiwan and also the start of the annual Computex PC hardware trade event. Today graphics chip maker Nvidia took the opportunity to announce the launch of its newest graphics processor, the GeForce GTX 560M. It's the first product in Nvidia's 500 series of mobile graphics chips made for gaming themed laptop PCs. Today's press release also announces a new graphics chip for thin and light notebooks, the GeForce GT 520MX.

The GeForce GTX 560M will allow notebooks equipped with the processor access to not only fast performance in playing PC games but will also offer support for Nvidia's Optimus technology for the first time for Nvidia's GeForce GTX series. That should allow even high end notebook PCs to have battery saving features. Alienware, Toshiba and ASUS have already got plans to release notebooks with the new Geforce GTX 560M chip. The thin-and-light GeForce GT 520MX chip replaces the previously released GeForce GT 520M and will be used by notebooks from Asus, MSI and others.

In related news, Nvidia also announced plans to release a new and cheaper version of its 3D Vision glasses. These new glasses will be priced at $99. However unlike the more expensive and wireless 3D Vision glasses, the $99 version will be wired with a 10 foot USB 2.0 cable. The new 3D Vision glasses, which will still require a compatible 3D PC monitor or laptop to work, will be released in late June via Nvidia's online store along with other retailers.


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Well, if you're at a PC, a 10 foot USB cable is effectively all 95% of the population would really need.

As for the whole 3d "business scam", I kinda agree. I'm waiting for some standard to come out, instead of having every company offer their own idea of how to do it. It is simply a bad time to buy a 3D TV or other equipment. You could be left with something like a HD-DVD player.

I agree that it is ridiculous from a pricing perspective, it's not like infrared and a battery is expensive. The price of NVIDIA 3d vision glasses is insane - much more than TV glasses that run at a higher refresh rate (at least in New Zealand where the NVIDIA glasses are at least ~US$230 +15% GST). I can kind of understand the "ideal for LAN gaming events and iCafe gaming centers, as it does not require batteries and the cable can easily be secured to a PC" reason in their press release, but outside of those niches a cable is crazy.

I could understand better if they were using bluetooth or something fancy like that. The crazy inflated glasses prices and the ridiculous exclusivity deals on 3D blu-rays (if they are going to have them at all they should be a few months at most) are killing the market. I'm really interested in 3D but keep being put off.

Asesh said,
I am done with ATI and their crappy drivers; from next time will always go with NVIDIA

Same here. I had a 8600GTS, it broke down, and went with a 5750 at the time because it offered great FPS/€. I've regretted it since I installed it, the drivers are horrible.

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